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Have you ever considered using vehicle advertising to drive your business? Maybe it's time you did.

Vehicle advertising is a highly effective form of advertising. It's economical, long-lasting, and thousands of people will see your ad, simply as you go out and about your business. Whether your business has a single car, a few vans or a fleet of trucks, custom vehicle decals, side panels and wraps will turn heads at all hours of the day and night, building awareness of your company with every trip!
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A-to-Z Signs has a great deal of marketing expertise in this often overlooked  advertising medium. We know what works - and what doesn't - and we can help give you a professional, business-building look, right from the get-go.  We offer a wide range of options - everything from simple lettering to full color wraps. Visit our website to learn more.
Mobile Marketing Works for You 24/7
Unlike other ads, vehicle ads can't be turned off. You simply can't ignore them! Drivers and pedestrians will see your ad while you're driving to your next appointment . . .  while you're parked on the street . . . when you're making deliveries - and in traffic jams! That's why most busses you see are also moving billboards. That's why some companies pay people to transform their cars into mobile ads - so why not "pay" yourself?
Did you know that the average moving vehicle is seen by 600 people per mile driven? So let's do the math: assume you spent $1,000 for lettering both sides and the back of a service van. Also assume you drive only 12,000 miles a year (you may very well drive more), have just one van, and keep your van for 7 years: (12,000 miles x 7 years) x (600 exposures per mile) = 50.4 million impressions. 
Dividing all those impressions by your $1000 investment means that you're getting 50,400 exposures for just one buck each! And you don't need to be a marketing guru to realize that that's pretty much one heck of a deal!
Four Tips for More Attrractive Vehicle Ads
  • Keep it short & sweet! Keep in mind that your ad is on a moving vehicle, so the viewer doesn't have a lot of time. What you want them to know is who you are, what you do and how to reach you - and that's enough!
  • Use Your Web address. Your URL is much easier to remember than a phone number, so make your website address as prominent as possible.
  • Large graphics work best. If you have pictures that illustrate the quality of your work or depict your various services and/or products, make sure they are clearly visible from 5-10 yards away.
  • Let "road traffic" drive your web traffic. If you have a website that effectively presents your competitive value (i.e. explains why customers should do business with you), use vehicle ads with a compelling headline, question or picture to "drive" them to your website to learn more about your company.
"Sign up" for Your Mobile Sign
With the weather finally warming up, now is the time to get your vehicle "advertising-ready." By the time most home service professionals (especially landscapers) get to May, they're usually too busy to give up the vehicles to get them lettered. Sign Up today with this Special Offer!
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Offer applies to new orders placed between 4/2/15 and 5/15/15. Please mention this offer at your time of order. Offer does not apply to vehicle magnetics or any related artwork development costs. One coupon per customer.
One more thing: if you have any friends, neighbors, or business associates, who might be in need of vehicle advertising, please this offer along to them. I'm sure they'll appreciate your thoughtfulness - and so will I!
Let A-to-Z Signs  be your be your full-service sign consultant. Whether it's adding your name & logo to your storefront or a display for your car, we have the knowledge, expertise and creative vision to design your business for success!


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