Personal Life Coaching-Does it work?
Parents: Is your teenager searching for direction? Lacking motivation? Anxious or stressed? Today's youth are lost in a culture of confusion. It is an uncertain time, filled with huge social and cultural pressures, and our young people are crying out to be accepted by others. It is a fragile time, a time when the choices our teens make resonate for a lifetime. Adolescence is a time that can either make or break our young people! This is why it is so crucial to help today's youth establish a solid foundation for building a healthy self-esteem and a passion for becoming a "good" person who lives with character and commitment!

Now is the time to break down teens protective walls. Now is the time to establish what kind of person they want to be. Now is the time to build their character. Teen coaching is co-active relationship that helps teens discover.

           * A new sense of acceptance within themselves and rely less on acceptance from others.
* An increase in self-esteem helping them to make better choices in life.

     * A healthy attitude to choosing friends and being a friend that helps, supports, and encourages others rather than tearing them down.

* An understanding of what is expected from them from the point of view of the adults in their lives.

* Tools toward building a character of reputation

* Where they can find happiness

Teen coaching helps youth unleash their potential, find clarity in life, improve relationships, learn personal life skills and follow their dreams. Life coaching will help your teenager with focus, vision, and purpose. A coach is that neutral person who sees more in the teenager that they see in themselves and is able to bring out the greatness they have on the inside or the outside.

It is a proven fact that a person will go further with a coach than a person without one. Some of the most successful people in the world have coaches. Are you ready to put your teenager on course? Then don't delay- contact me now at or call 703-728-2306. Also visit my website to learn more about me and my various coaching services.

WARNING: These sessions will cause your teenager to be more than they ever dreamed!!

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