Seasons 4 - industry-leader in the replacement
of thousands of old high-maintenance rooftop
multi-zone units - has the solution you need to revamp your existing unit. 

With a Seasons 4 Triple Deck Multi-Zone system, you'll get an efficient,
ultra-competitive solution that offers  one-day installation prebuilt to the specs of your previous unit (including exact electrical, gas and duct work sizes and locations). 

And the best part? 


With a switch to a Season 4 system, you'll meet ASHRAE Standard 90.1!!!!
Save in construction, gain efficiency, receive a complete retro-fit of your HVAC system and get ahead of the game with a Season 4 unit.


To see how we meet Ashrae 90:1,  click here.


There is no job too big for WaterFurnace! Harness the ultimate chill with the
175-275 ton WV Variable Speed Dual Screw Chiller, complete with variable speed for efficiency, reliability and capacity control for system adjustments.

The WaterFurnace Modular Variable Speed Dual Screw Chiller:
  • The dual screw compressor design allows for higher temperature hot water production up to 140°F in heat recovery applications and provides 10:1 turndown capacity control for low-load conditions
  • The independent dual refrigerant circuits feature permanent magnet DC motors with integrated variable frequency drives and large brazed-plate heat exchangers to deliver reliable, high efficiency operation. 
  • The HydroLink Aurora controls platform provides numerous factory-installed options to provide better service, diagnostic and monitoring ability.
  • Multiple units can be staged together under the supervisory control for automatic and optimal staging.
Need more chill? For more information, click here!
For more information,  please contact Jerry Cohen or visit our website.
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