Learn more about the upgrades and improvements at www.hsfpp.org!
June 2015 - In This Issue

FeatureRevealing the New hsfpp.org!

We are excited to share the upgrades and improvements we've made at www.hsfpp.org

Though most of the changes are cosmetic, there are four big changes that will improve the experience for our users:
  1. www.hsfpp.org is now mobile friendly
  2. Instructors can view the student site with a teacher/sponsor account
  3. The On Your Own blog feed is featured on home pages
  4. The Download Tool has been expanded (read on for details)
Article2Materials Available for Download

Now you can select any or all instructor and student materials from the Download Tool (Teacher Website:  Home > Get Materials > Download) to package into one zip folder. Each item is also hyperlinked so you can quickly access specific items from the drop-down menus. 

Lesson Packs are now in one PDF document rather than multiple documents. You can get all of the instructor notes and student handouts in one PDF document, both by lesson and by the entire module. Each lesson pack includes:

  1. Teacher lesson plan
  2. Presentation speaker notes 
  3. Student learning plan
  4. Activities and handouts
  5. Performance assessments 


PowerPoint Presentations are available in multiple formats. Each lesson pack contains the presentation speaker notes (PDF). The presentation show in Download Tool has a light background. If you prefer a dark background version, look for an alternate show in the Accompanying Instructor Files.


Performance Assessment Tasks (aka Challenges) include suggested Scoring Guides. The Challenges now include more detailed instructions and a one-page Scoring Guide rubric embedded into each assessment.  Use the recommended Rating Scale Guide when evaluating student performance.


Module Overview document provides more detail about lesson learning outcomes and activities.  

NEFEContentNew May NEFE Content

Instructors can use content from NEFE's Smart About Money and On Your Own websites to engage students in discussion. New content relevant to teens and educators is posted frequently on our Facebook page.

Smart About Money

SAM focused on graduation in May, with articles for new grads (and their parents) including 10 Common Post-Graduation Money Mistakes and Tips for Putting Graduation Gift Money to Good Use

The article Hey Mom and Dad, What Should I Do With My Life? featured a new graphic, Choosing the Right Career Path, on helping high school graduates decide on a career path. 

On Your Own

Money and the Value of Friendship 

Keve Brockington wrote about the role money has played in his friendships, from trips to the mall and listening to the Wu-Tang Clan in middle school, to the tough financial compromises of early adulthood.

How I Did It: Survived Financial Disaster (Twice)

The first in her family to attend college, Patrice Washington overcame college credit card debt, then went on to start a highly successful company, only to lose it all in the recession. Now a successful blogger and financial counselor, Patrice explains why she is particularly dedicated to empowering women to better manage their finances.

trainingUpcoming Training Opportunities

At  www.hsfpp.org  you can find face-to-face training events  in your state or y ou also can register for a live 45-minute  introduction webinar  that fits into your schedule. 
NEFEresourcesNEFE Resources for Educators

CashCourse® - online materials for college students
Financial Workshop Kits - resources for adult financial educators
Evaluation Toolkit® - databank of questions to measure impact
On Your Own - young adult blog about financial lessons learned
Spendster - confessions of bad spending habits
Smart About Money - consumer finance tips and tools

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