Revere Electric Supply (1919 - 2019)
In 1893, the World's Fair introduced AC power and the country started consuming electrical goods. In 1919, Fred R. Eiseman, Sr., a sales manager at Electric Appliance Company, decided that he had the expertise, relationships, integrity, and perseverance needed to build his own electrical distribution company and Revere Electric Supply Company was established.
Revere 100 Year Montage
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Rockwell Automation's New PanelView 5000 Will NOT Disappoint
by Robert Janociak, PLC/HMI Product Specialist
Every customer has a unique perspective on the PanelView 5000 family. Some think it’s old news. Others are not familiar with it at all. Rockwell Automation continually offers new products with new features and benefits – but the tech savvy person (me included) is always wary of the latest and greatest product offering. Does it do everything it is supposed to? Are there any bugs or as I like to call them “Undocumented Software Features”? These things are inevitable with new products, but I have decided that now is the time to seriously start thinking about the PanelView 5000 and here’s why.

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Revere and Rockwell Automation Training Schedule is Now Available
Revere and Rockwell Automation offer a wide breadth and depth of training opportunities to ensure you have the training you need to ensure the highest level of productivity.