Allen Bradley 100-D Contactors Are Nearing End of Life!

Allen Bradley's popular 100-D line of contactors is nearing end of life.  Beginning on March 31, 2019, the 100-D will no longer be available. The replacement 100-E contactors provide a narrower panel footprint, reduced weight, lower coil power consumption and simplified selection.  

100-E Large Frame IEC Contactors | The Highlight Reel | 102

Allen Bradley Conversion: 855T to 856T 70mm Control Tower™ Signaling System

Thanks to the latest advances in LED technology, the expectations of industrial signaling products have evolved and become more demanding. 

While the Bulletin 855T has been a valuable part of Allen Bradley's Control Tower signaling portfolio for more than 20 years, this product will no longer be available for sale after  July 1, 2019 and consequently, it is the time to migrate to the new 856T Control Tower 70mm tower light system.

The new 856T Control Tower signaling system features a proven, modular construction design similar to the 855T but incorporates brighter LED illumination and a broad offering of sound technologies all in a 70mm diameter housing. This new design allows the 856T to meet the widest range of signaling applications with a reduced number of components (SKUs) without compromising functionality and flexibility.

855T to 856T Conversion Path Profile
New Allen Bradley 1492-P Terminal Blocks 

Thomas Leja, Revere's Industrial Control Product Specialist, introduces the new  Allen Bradley 1492-P Push-in Terminal Blocks, which improve wiring efficiency and connection reliability. They are available in a wide range of IEC block types that include innovative control power distribution blocks, as well as two-, three- and four-circuit sensor blocks.

1492 P Terminal Blocks

Jeff Genac, Revere's Industrial Control Specialist, goes into a deeper dive on the new 1492-P Terminal Blocks.  Specifically, explaining how the new style uses a new angular clamping method that will hold a wider range of wires more securely than either of the other terminal block styles. This increases the wire range capabilities of the blocks to make selection and installation easier.

1492-J4 (Screw) - Compatible with 22-10 AWG wire
1492-L4 (Spring) - Compatible with 26-10 AWG wire
1492-P4 (Push-in) - Compatible with 28-10 AWG wire

Terminal Block Pull Out Resistance

The Functional Safety Lifecycle and YOU!
Stage 3: Proper Design and Verification Techniques

Machine safety has become more recognized than ever before. Employers and equipment manufacturers are tasked with providing  equipment that is free from recognized hazards yet remain efficient, productive, & competitively priced. Revere Electric Supply, in partnership with Rockwell Automation, can provide you the tools needed to improve compliance, simplify development, reduce design time and reduce costs.

Panduit® BlackFin™ Battery-Powered Crimping Tools

The Panduit® BlackFin™ battery-powered crimping tools are the first in the industry to meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and international safety standards for battery-operated hand tools.

These tools provide the following features: 
  • One Button Operation - to deliver crimping force necessary to facilitate irreversible compression connections 
  • In-Line Tool Designs - mitigate motion wrist injuries
  • Ergonomically Balanced - weight forward handle design provides balanced operation for pistol grip tools 
  • No-Slip Grips - comprised of soft composite materials to provide secure and comfortable tool operation
  • Quick Motor Stop - stops motor immediately upon release of activation trigger to prevent damage to components or injury to operator 
  • Audible and Visual LED Warning - signals when crimping operation is complete
  • Rotating Crimp Head - facilitates ease of tool operations in constrained spaces 
  • Auto Piston Retraction - provides visual verification that crimp cycle is complete 
  • LED Signal Light - notifies when tool requires maintenance to extend tool life
BlackFin Installation Tools Brochure

Watch our local Panduit Rep, Sevon Torosian, demonstrate Panduit's CT-3001/ST Battery Powered Crimping Tool.

Panduit's Hydraulic Crimp Tool

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