Reverse Prospecting Updates Include Delayed Status & Team Listings
You Asked For It. We Campaigned For It. And Here It Is! 


  • You can run Reverse Prospecting on your listings in Delayed status.
  • You can also run Reverse Prospecting on your listings assigned to a Team!

Run Reverse Prospecting on your listings from  Menu; under the Contacts section, click  Reverse Prospecting. Select the listing(s) to run and click the  Run Reverse Prospecting  button at the upper right side of the screen. 

  • In addition, the Reverse Prospecting formula was updated. Previously it looked at ALL saved searches; now, it will only run on searches that were modified or changed within the last 12 months. This change will help prevent agent solicitation for out of date saved searches.

Lastly, If you are a member of a Team, you can now access the Team listings in your agent account. When you click Menu , under the Search section, you will see an entry for Team Listings .
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