Rehearsals for Living

Reverse Roles

Sunday, July 24, 9:30 - 6 PM, in Bow

Summer is now upon us. It is felt as a time of high energy, increased social connections and celebrations. Summer's intensity can be internalized or externalized, either way, we contend with this increased energy and attempt to keep our balance in the midst of summer's heat and difficulties.

By embracing complexity, ambiguity, love and the unknowns held between and within us, we will explore some of the gifts and challenges this being human brings. We are not alone, none of us. Change is always happening, and here in a safe enough community we confront our stuck places so that we can get back into flow. Our brains are capable of change, neuroplasticity is real, new neural pathways can be formed. Psychodrama furthers this amazing process by making the implicit explicit. Life is energy in motion, surplus realities are here to help. We are creative people, we are not meant to be stuck. We are here to help one another.

The methods and theories of Psychodrama, Group Psychotherapy, and Sociometry will inform, structure and ground our co-created group explorations. This training for personal and professional development gains strength from our intention to show up for ourselves and each other, and our willingness to be surprised with what comes forward. What we do here we do for the earth and our world. Practicing being responsive rather than reactive is a humbling and honorable task whenever, however.
When safe enough we can open to fresh ways of being, and be supported in the ground and groundlessness that we share.

$125.00, for the day. Sliding Fee Scale available. Pot Luck Lunch
Future workshops: September 10, Oct 8 and Nov. 19, 2022

Six Training credits from the American Board of Examiners in Group Psychotherapy, Psychodrama and Sociometry may be earned

Image Credit:
Wheat Field and Crows, Painting by Vincent Van Gogh, July 1890

Marianne & Bob Shapiro will co-facilitate, they are both American Board Certified Psychodramatists. Marianne is also a Certified Trainer and Educator of this dynamic, creative and effective experiential group process. Marianne, MA, MFA, LMHC practices psychotherapy in Mount Vernon, WA. and Bob, M.Ed., teaches T'ai Chi and Qi Gong and is a Mediator.

Wednesday Night group 6-8 restarts Sept. 14

Psychodrama Training Series Begins
3rd Friday of Month, 9:30-12:30
2022: Sept 17, Oct 15, Nov 18, Dec. 17,
2023: Jan 20, Feb 17, March 17, April 21 May 19

Training Credits in Psychodrama, Group Psychotherapy and Sociometry may be earned.