Roslyn Public Schools
March 20, 2020

Dear Roslyn Families,

There is so much news and so many conversations every day, it's difficult to keep up with everything that's going on around us. I want to devote today's message to a brief review of the week. 

Teachers and students have embraced remote learning and are communicating regularly through online platforms. We will modify our plans as necessary to ensure that the instructional content is meaningful and that workloads are reasonable. Also, please take advantage of the online resources that our staff has shared. Keeping busy and productive can help reduce any anxiety that our children may be feeling.

Essential Services
Even though schools are closed, and the Governor has ordered all non-essential personnel to remain at home, we continue to provide essential services, such as food for eligible children. 

Supporting Our Most Vulnerable
Local organizations continue to help the neediest in our community. In this very difficult time, remember that St. Mary's Church, E Joy Community Resource Center, Island Harvest and others are collecting food donations for those in need.

Get Fit, Don't Get Together
Every day, we find groups of people, both kids and adults, on our fields or on the track. It is important that everyone gets outside and exercises. However, we are having to re-direct our security staff, and putting them at risk of exposure, in order to break up these groups. I don't wish to close our outdoor facilities, but unless everyone cooperates, I won't have a choice. And please remember: strollers, skateboards and bicycles are never allowed on the track.

When Will We Be Back to Normal?
Officially, we remain closed through April 1 by order of the state. No one knows right now for how long that may be extended. We are prepared to manage the situation for as long as necessary.

Get in Touch
Our children's well-being is part of every discussion and every decision. We want to help in any way we can. If you have questions for our staff, please get in touch. Use the online staff directory on our website.

Unless there is some breaking news or an important announcement that cannot wait until Monday, I plan to give everyone a breather from our communications over the weekend. Please stay healthy and strong, and let's help one another to weather the storm.

Allison Brown

Roslyn's Coronavirus Information Page: 

New York State's Coronavirus Hotline: 1-888-364-3065.