" Look Up, Look Out to see 2020 "
1) Build relationships, and love your brother! Oliver and Tuck show us how while Jerry and Jim try to hang on!

This photo taken before the advent of social distancing ....
2) Keep something going on the easel, even if it is an echo of past fun.

3) Broaden your horizons and enjoy the view from the top! In this case the photo was taken on the summit of Big Mountain looking out over the Flathead Valley. Notice the Lenticular Cloud formations over the Columbia Range. The Canadian Impressionists (Group of Seven) loved painting these cloud formations. Lawren Harris in particular painted them often. I have been studying his work via a book entitled The Idea of the North, the Paintings of Lawren Harris .
4) Get some exercise doing something you love. For me, that is skiing and dog walking. what is it for you?

5) Make an artist date, (this one is totally overcome by events since I didn't send this email out when I'd intended) This is the last week to see the Hockaday Museum Winter Members' Salon. My piece, "Snow Shoes and Ghosts" on exhibit until February 8, 2020

In a way, it is more possible than ever to take an "artist date" with all the free online classes because of Covid-19.

A friend sent me a book "The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse" I love the wisdom, fresh drawings and watercolors. It has become my gratitude journal for these solitary times.

Abe's Bear Adventure is my latest illustrated book written by Kathleen Martin and available through Amazon. We would love for you to order it, then write a review. Maybe this weeks artist date could include reading it via Facetime with your grandkids?
" Pepper" and "Pumpkin" 16" X 12" Acrylic
I have decided to offer pet portraits for 20% off. See my website for sizes and details or contact me via email .