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It is best practice to thoroughly and carefully review your expense report before submitting it for approval. Good tips include ensuring :
  • All of your expenses are entered completely and accurately in the report
  • Expenses are appropriately categorized
  • All necessary receipts and supporting documentation are attached
  • The funding is entered accurately and split distributions are correct
  • The appropriate approvers are selected
If there is anything missing from your expense report, make any necessary changes before submitting the report.

Reviewing  expense reports for accuracy helps to prevent them from being returned to you for corrections. This also helps save time by preventing having to recall an expense report to make edits.
New Guide to Business Travel Reimbursement

Planning to travel for work in the near future? Supply Chain Management (SCM) just created a new tool to help you navigate the ins and outs of travel reimbursement. "Business Travel Reimbursement: Made Easy" is a two-page quick guide on getting reimbursed for travel expenses

You also can find it on SCM's travel website. Click on the How-To-Guides link.
Upcoming BearBuy Enhancements
In an effort to continuously improve BearBuy functionality, Supply Chain Management will be releasing enhancements to BearBuy in the near future. Upcoming changes include a more intuitive navigation, a cleaner and more functional look and feel. The appearance of menus, site headers and the functionality of document search will be changing. More details and training on these changes will be released in upcoming announcements.
Supply Chain Management Holiday Check Pickup
Due to the upcoming holiday season, Supply Chain Management (SCM) has made the following changes regarding check pickup:
  • December 19: Check distribution will only be available at SCM from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. After 10 a.m., no pickup will be available.

  • December 24, 25 and 31; January 1: No check pickup will be available
  • December 23, 26, 27 and 30; January 2 and 3, 2020: Check distribution will only be available in the Controller's Office, Mission Center Building, 1855 Folsom Street, Suite 425 (fourth floor). SCM offices will be closed.
The regular check distribution location will resume on Monday, January 6, 2020.

If you have questions, please contact SCM at (415) 476-5761.
UCSF Buyer Partners With Department on $5 Billion Fundraising Initiative

UCSF buyers work with departments every day. But not all get the opportunity to help build campaign that brings in almost $5 billion dollars to the University. Supply Chain Management (SCM) Buyer Bob Puerzer got that chance last year when he partnered with UCSF University Development and Alumni Relations (UDAR).
UDAR came to Puerzer seeking help with three initiatives. First, they needed to find an agency that could help them with the  largest campaign goal that UCSF has ever undertaken: $5 billion. Next...

Due to campus feedback and the holidays, the BearBuy Office Hours scheduled for December 19, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Parnassus, Campus Library 213 & 214 has been cancelled. 

Q. An invoice was applied to a purchase order (PO) which is now over-invoiced. Do I need to submit a BearBuy Change Order Request Form to revise the PO and get the invoice paid?

A. It is not necessary to submit a BearBuy Change Order Request Form to get the invoice paid. The department Match Exception Handler should review and approve the invoice for payment if appropriate.
If the PO is still in use and additional invoices are expected in the future, the department Requester should submit a Change Order Request From to increase the PO line quantity or PO total. Change Order Requests are only applicable for POs created from BearBuy forms.*
*POs generated from payment request forms cannot be changed so submitting a change order request is not applicable for this type of transaction.

Q: A voucher applied to my purchase order shows 'Payable' status in BearBuy but it has passed the anticipated pay date based on the payment terms. Why hasn't the invoice been paid? 

A :  A common cause for delay in payment is expired chartfields/accounting codes such as the Activity Period has ended. Please review the accounting codes section on the voucher to ensure that the fund source is valid. In the event accounting codes need to be updated, please email to make changes.


FOR BEARBUY technical support, how-to help or questions regarding basic purchasing, contact the IT Service Desk.
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FOR ACCOUNTS PAYABLE support, contact the Accounts Payable Helpdesk.
Phone: (415) 502-3331

Phone: (415) 502-6245

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