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From the Desk of the Executive Director... 
Greetings Bronx Health Access PPS partners,

We had a very successful Town Hall back in December and hope to have a similar if not better turnout at the March 11th Town Hall.   Believe it or not, this March marks the end of DY1 and April begins DY2. It will be a time to implement and gain traction on our projects and infrastructure changes and we need the support and commitment of our PPS partners even more.  We just finished submitting our quarterly report to the state and we are close to the end of the next quarter, the last reporting period for DY1.  We at the project management office are available if you have any questions and we encourage everyone to reach out to us. 

Dennis Maquiling
Executive Director
Bronx Health Access 
Project Management Office Team Member Highlight
Steve Maggio
Steve is a PMP certified project manager, focusing primarily on Information Technology and Finance. Prior to joining Bronx Health Access PPS, Steve supported the PPS as a consultant with Harbage Consulting. Throughout DSRIP, Steve has provided strategic support on Health Information Technology (HIT) needs with regard to Health Information Exchange, Analytics, and Electronic Medical Records.  He also has provided support on NYS Value Based Payment by analyzing state guidance and modeling various risk agreements for the PPS. 
Before working on DSRIP, Steve worked at the NYC Health and Hospital Corporation as the project manager for the EPIC EMR Ambulatory application build team.   Steve has a strong IT and PMO background that are invaluable to the team. As part of his background, Steve also worked on NY DSRIP's antecedent, HEAL (specifically HEAL 10 and 17) for Hudson River Health Care. He holds a Bachelor of Science with honors in Health Policy and Administration from Pennsylvania State University with undergraduate and graduate course work in a range of topics including finance, accounting, and health policy.

Important Updates

Beneficiary Opt-out Letters 

Phase II of the opt-out letter mailing by NYS is set to take place at the end of February 2016. This letter will be sent out to all remaining Medicaid patients who did not receive the opt-out letter back in October 2015 (Phase I). For a copy of the opt-out letter, please click here

As providers of medical and social services, you may be asked by your Medicaid patients and clients to explain DSRIP, our PPS, and the opt-out process. It is extremely important that both you and the Medicaid members have up-to-date and accurate information required to make an informed decision. It is important to remind the member that there is no change to their Medicaid coverage. If you or members have additional questions, please call 1-855-329-8850. Language support is available for multiple languages.   

Medicaid member data is essential for PPS project implementation to identify patient populations for specific attention and outreach. This data-sharing is key for effective collaboration between PPS and network partners like you in providing coordinated services for the members we serve.   

The PPS has developed a letter for members in the Bronx Health Access PPS, which is available here . Please provide this letter to members who have questions about the opt-out letter they receive.
Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Quarterly Town Hall Meeting 
The most recent Town Hall was held on December 18, 2015 at Wave Hill in The Bronx. It was well received with over 100 partners in participation. We had partners come who have been with us since the beginning, like Urban Health, and new groups interested in what we are doing, such as QuickRx - 340B Assured.

KMPG gave a presentation on the Funds Flow model that we are rolling out to the PPS. This important presentation was well-received by attendees. There was a healthy Q/A that showed the level of interest among the participants.

We also started assigning tables in the room to specific projects, and each table was headed by the respective Project Manager. After the presentations, the partners and others around the room could visit specific projects and ask questions or learn more about the progress of the projects. This was a big hit since the meeting became interactive, with everyone mingling, asking questions and participating. We are looking to keep this format going forward. The next Town Hall is in March and we hope to see everyone there.
PMO (Project Management Office) 

The PMO staff continues to work hard and remain dedicated to making this project a success. We're very happy to say that they are doing a great job and are actively engaging our partners and providers.

Project Advisory and Oversight Panel Meeting

We recently attended a Project Advisory and Oversight Panel ("PAOP") meeting in February at a downtown auditorium at New York University. We were proudly represented by Executive Director Dennis Maquiling and Dr. Dapkins (BLHC), members of the Bronx Health Access senior leadership. Bronx Health Access, as well as about a dozen other downstate PPS, gave updates to the panel and to the DOH on the PPS status, its progress with the projects, and how we are engaging our partners, especially the Community-Based Organizations, or CBOs.

Bronx RHIO

We continue to make progress with our infrastructure, having recently signed an agreement with the Bronx RHIO to be the vendor for the PPS claims data and developing reports and analytics to support the PPS-wide initiatives. This is an important step as we anticipate that the PPS activities will be data and analytics driven going forward. 
Upcoming Events
Town Hall Meeting
Please note, the next quarterly town hall meeting is scheduled to take place on March 11, 2016, from 9am-11am. This upcoming town hall will take place at Tosca Marquee, located at 4034 East Tremont Ave, Bronx, NY 10465. Breakfast will be provided. Valet parking will be available.
Committee Updates
IT Committee
The PPS has selected Salesforce as the CRM for the PPS.  The CRM will aid the PPS in monitoring its network and tracking DSRIP goals & deliverables.  The PPS is also in final negotiations with the Bronx RHIO to provide analytic support for the PPS. 
Finance Committee
The Finance Committee is in the process of finalizing the PPS' Financial Sustainability plan.  This will outline a process and remediation strategy for PPS members needing financial assistance. 
Workforce Committee
Thank you to all of  our partners who completed the Workforce survey!  We received 90% of the surveys that went out to our key partners.   The contracted vendor (KPMG) is now compiling the data and working to define the target state workforce for the PPS.  Once that is complete then they will perform a detailed gap analysis between the current state and future state. 
Clinical Quality/PDI Committee
The PDI Committee has been renamed the Clinical Quality Committee to more closely align its functions to meet the project requirements. The CQ Committee is charged with ensuring that projects continue to use evidence-based practice in their activities. This group is now meeting twice a month. The first meeting of the month is dedicated to clinical quality, which will be chaired by Dr. John Coffey, and the second meeting will be a continuation of the PDI Leads meeting, which will be chaired by Dennis Maquiling, the Executive Director of the PPS.

The most important agenda for the CQ Committee is coordinating is to ensure that each project team comes up with the appropriate provider-type allocation percentage as part of the performance dollars funds flow process. If you are a member of a project team, your Project Manager should have already reviewed this with you. If not, please feel free to reach out to your respective Project Manager. The provider-type allocation percentage is the first step in the funds flow process to determine how much performance dollars should go to our partners.
Upcoming Committee and Town Hall meetings
Please visit for the latest and most up to date information on upcoming PPS Committees and Town Hall meetings.  
State DSRIP Updates  
Upcoming Events and Deadlines
  • Mid-February: Round two regulatory waiver responses completed
  • Mid-February: Release mid-point assessment tool for public comment
  • Mid-Late February: Phase DSRIP notice and opt-out letters mailed
 DSRIP in the News  
Salient Helps NY Healthcare Groups Visualize Progress On Medicaid Reform Goals

Salient Management Company, a longtime partner of New York State for Medicaid Reform initiatives, played a key role in launching the DSRIP Performance Dashboards on January 29th.  The DSRIP dashboards are now available to all 25 statewide PPS, tasked with restructuring and improving quality in the safety net health care system by focusing on primary and preventive care and reducing avoidable hospital use.

The DSRIP program spans 5 years, and allows PPS to earn incentive payments for meeting performance targets on key measures. Each DSRIP measure is designed to reward more efficient and effective delivery of healthcare services, resulting in better patient care at lower costs. For the first time, PPS can track their performance on DSRIP measures presented through Salient's powerful data visualization layer. This empowers PPS to investigate root causes, take action, measure results, and adjust strategy.

Salient brings 30 years of experience helping companies continuously improve performance by putting knowledge in the hands of decision makers quickly enough to positively impact outcomes. Salient also has a long history of working with New York State, having previously deployed solutions for the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) as well as working closely with the Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) in the years leading up to deployment of the DSRIP program.
"Putting the right information into the right hands at the right time is our basic idea," added Guy Amisano, Founder and CEO of Salient. "Helping New York State build a solution to transform and enhance service delivery certainly adds another proud chapter to our story."

Salient Management Company is a worldwide provider of advanced performance management and decision support systems for a wide range of industries and the public sector. Founded in 1986, Salient today serves more than 250,000 users in 61 countries. Salient's approach to continuous improvement is to enable decision makers to take timely and precise action to eliminate waste and expand opportunity.



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