MARCH 2021
Dear Bobcat Nation Families,
We are nearing the final stretch of the 2020-2021 school year! There are only 9 school weeks left until our underclassmen begin their final exams. Our class of 2021 will walk across the stage at graduation in less than 8 school weeks. Please continue to partner with us to help ensure that your Cat finishes this school year strong.

This is traditionally our busiest time of year, and it will definitely be an exciting time of this school year as we welcome all of our hybrid students back on site four days a week for the remainder of the 20-21 school year.  

I want to highlight a few upcoming events for your family to keep in mind for these next few weeks.
March 12th ~ 26th - Spring Intersession module offerings
March 22nd - All Cienega Hybrid students will begin taking classes on site 4 days a week.
March 22nd - Brick 2 Click students will begin being synchronous learners on Mondays & 
Wednesdays each week.
April 6th ~ 9th - State testing for all Cienega students.
April 16 & 17 - Prom
April 17 - Annual Cienega Golf Tournament Fundraiser
Email: for information 
April 23 & 24 - Spring Musical (Theory of Relativity)

In the month of April, we will administer state mandated testing for our students. AzMerit, AIMS Science, ACT, PreACT and the Civics tests are all scheduled for that month. You will receive more information in regards to the testing schedule for your Cat in the upcoming weeks.
Thank you again for your continued support this year. I wish all of you a relaxing and safe Spring Break.
Kim Middleton
Cienega's Art Students!
Join us in viewing the amazing work that five of our Bobcats have in Pima County’s High School Art Invitational for the whole month of March. Please congratulate Vanessa Quintana, Samantha Fisher, Milan Riha, Carson Mayeux and Nina Garcia on their hard work and exceptional talent. You can view their pieces at and the winner for the overall competition will be announced late March…wish us luck!
Congratulations to these stellar artists!
The Senior Soccer Coaster
It was February 18th, 2020 and the girls soccer team lost in penalty kicks in the state’s quarterfinal. On a day where hearts weighed heavily with sorrow, hope and excitement lived on with eight juniors who would return the next year. In March of 2020 that all changed. The world was hit with the pandemic called COVID-19.
No end of the year banquet, no celebration of the best season the program ever had. The “No’s” continued. No prom, no graduation, no school, no friends or parties, no life they once had. With so much lost, the girls were tested. 
In November of 2020 players received news that high school winter sports were approved. A flicker of a sense of normalcy had been kindled. Little did they know the roller coaster of emotions that laid ahead of them. It started with the incline of excitement as tryouts finished and practice loomed on the horizon. But like a sudden dip on their ride, plans for their season changed. Covid numbers spiked and the season in Vail was shut down. 
Turns and dips came as Cienega was unable to practice, the AIA pushed its season back to the start of January, and teams around the city trained with different levels of precaution while Cienega did not. Then without warning came the roller coaster’s descent from its highest peak, and AIA cancelled the Winter season. Stomachs dropped. The ride that had started a year before had come to its final slope. 
Unexpectedly, a new ride started for these girls in January 2021. Their season was revived. They would have the bumps and bruises from their previous ordeal, but they were ready for what lay ahead. They made no excuses when they had plenty to give: 3 weeks compared to 3 months of practice, masks for games, playing with smaller rosters to prevent a breakout between groups, feeling alone and disconnected in their virtual world at home. 
And on February 16th a heartbreaking “No” became “Yes.” Our 8 Seniors were allowed to have fans at their games. A “yes” to have their parents walk with them one more time at home. A “yes” of validation that all their hard work was for something as they moved closer and closer to winning their region again while breaking an eight year streak of losses to one single opponent. 
This season has proven to be a soccer rollercoaster for our Seniors. Filled with peaks and dips of excitement; turns and banks that shake the nerves. Like the approaching end to this year, our coaster car slowly winds down to its bittersweet end, distant lights shining bright in the final tunnel. 
Do teenagers really understand and appreciate what they have when they are in it? Most people would say no. These Seniors do. They have been tested; their resiliency and strength have been pushed to new limits. Cienega soccer prides itself in its GRIT. We live by the motto, “Ludere Ultra Te,” which translates to… “Play Beyond Yourselves.” The season for the team and its Seniors has been much more than a game. It’s been a lesson in life that will live with them forever. A roller coaster ride they will never forget. - Coach Torres 
“The ability to play is more important than the circumstances we play in. I’m just so glad we were able to have this season in the end. No matter what’s to come with the playoffs, I’m glad I can say I’ve been able to connect and play with each and every member of the team this year.” - Gabby Strevay (Class of ‘21) 

“A quote that I referred to in regards to this year and season. ‘Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.’ - Steve Maraboli” -Mackenzie Johnson (Class of ‘21) 

“Playing with my teammates and friends are memories that will last a lifetime. I am so grateful I got to finish the year doing what I love with amazing people. Growth is not created during times of comfort and normalcy, development is found during times of adversity.” - Mia Torres (Class of ‘21) 

“This is our last season playing under the bright lights with the Cienega “C” branded on our chest. We were not even supposed to have this season. Our ability to play this year is a privilege. Our ability gives us an opportunity, but our utilization of this opportunity is what will get us a state championship. Opportunity does not knock twice, so this is the season we will use our privilege to play and to play for each other.” -Marissa Etchart (Class of ‘21)
Please contact Mr. Luna with any questions, or visit him in room 422!
Student Achievement Office
Spring Testing:
Mark your calendars for the testing dates listed below. Our 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students will be testing in the Spring. All 11th grade students (including Brick to Click) will be given the ACT test April 6th on Cienega Campus at no cost during school hours. The 10th grade students will be given the AzM2 Writing, Math, and Reading. Please reschedule any conflicts you may have on these days to ensure that your student is present. More information will be coming Families and students will receive additional information on test date opportunities.  
SEP Intersession:
SEP Intersession is mandatory for seniors who have not completed their first presentation, turned in their portfolio, or passed their paper. This will take place the first two days of break (March 15th-16th) from 9am-1pm in the Ed. Center. If on the first day your student accomplishes what they need to, and the teacher releases, then they do not need to attend the following day. The purpose of this intersession is to ensure that no one falls behind on this graduation requirement. Please see the flyer below for more information:

FREE Tutoring!!
Attached below you will find the schedule for Free Tutoring that we have available this semester. In this document you will find times and teachers that are available for Math and English tutoring. The teachers will be available through Schoology Conferences, in the Cienega Tutoring Schoology Course, during their scheduled tutoring time. If you have any questions, please direct them to Mrs. Greene, Student Achievement Teacher, at or (520) 879-2809.
Artist: Milan Riha
Cienega Instrumental Music Program
The Instrumental Music Program (CIMP) has many students auditioning for regionals and even a few auditions to participate in the Macy’s Day parade. The Color Guard of CIMP has an upcoming competition for the winter season in March. The student musicians are navigating the online auditions and try-outs and performing well. To hear music our students are recording at Cienega, you can visit our website at:

We are thankful for the students' support and continued efforts to keep playing music for the Instrumental Music Program.

Our Bobcat Musician Accomplishments:
We have three individual amazing student musicians that have made it into the Rose Bowl; Kaesey Borders (trombone), Kyle Nelwin (trombone) and Kiaraly Soto (bass clarinet).
Congratulations to Brennan Miller (trombone) for making the 2021 All-State Jazz Band 1.
Dalen Durnan (drums) earned 1 out of 12 Arizona student spots with the Nash Jazz Legacy Ensembles out of Phoenix.
Zach Thomas (percussionist) was awarded the silver medal in the Tucson Philharmonia Youth Orchestra’s annual Scholarship Competition! Back in November, Zach performed with the group as a featured soloist during their November Fall Showcase program.
2021 AMEA All-Regional Honor Ensembles
Band Ensemble - Holly Smith - flute, Hayley Nielson - clarinet, Kiaraly Soto - bass clarinet, David Chase - alto sax, Aly Isaac - trumpet, Aaron Dixon - trumpet, Richard Furlong – french horn, Brennan Miller – trombone, Patrick Austin – trombone.
Orchestra Ensemble - Addie Jones- violin, Jacob Osmun -cello, Sam Palmer - cello, Taylor Spears - cello, Grant Thomas - bass, Makhai Gilbert - french horn, Kyle Newlin - trombone.
Artist: Luke Bender
NJROTC Annual Military Inspection
On Tuesday, March 2, 2021, Cienega's NJROTC participated in the Annual Military Inspection. Our cadets were evaluated as "outstanding" in all areas!
Here is a glimpse into the Annual Military Inspection!
On Saturday, 27 February 2021, our NJROTC Physical Fitness (Raider) and Marksmanship Teams competed in the Tombstone High School Army JROTC Field Meet and Marksmanship Competition. Teams from 10 JROTC programs from across Arizona competed in the event. Our cadets placed 1st or 2nd in various endurance and physical fitness events, In addition, our Marksmanship Team placed 1st in both the Sporter and Precision categories!
On Saturday, 27 Feb 2021, our NJROTC Cadets assisted the American Legion in Corona De Tucson with their Produce on Wheels-Without Waste (POW-WOW) event. 

Our cadets packed produce and loaded vehicles for community distribution.
On February 10th and 11th of 2021, NJROTC Cadets supported the CTE Club Crawl and Vail Pride Day events held at Mica Mountain High School. Cadets presented the Colors, they helped set up and break down, and they acted as traffic directors for this drive through event. 

Artist: Melia Gemrose

Artist: Kayann McGinnis
Congratulations to Bobcat, Jacob Osmun, he is a National Merit Scholar Finalist!
Artist: Leilah Butler
CHS Key Club
The Cienega High School Key Club has been helping Tucson Country Day School, a local charter K-8 school, to spruce up their campus as we move into spring. Compliant with COVID precautions, members painted tables in common areas and outdoor classrooms.
Artist: Kaitlyn Nielsen
Artist: Vanessa Quintana