March 15th is Just Around the Corner
What is just around the corner? 

The March 15th ABYC General Membership Meeting, Saint Patrick's Day Dinner AND presentation by the Stars + Stripes USA Sailing Team Manager, that's what! 

The General Membership Meeting will tell you all about what's happening at ABYC. 

The Saint Patrick's Day Dinner will tickle the fancy of any Leprechaun. 

And, the Stars+Stripes USA Sailing Team Presentation - preparing for the America's Cup - well, you just don't want to miss it. 

One caution, we ran out out of dinners last year. So, please make your dinner reservations as soon as possible so that we can prepare an ample Irish treat for all who would like to partake. 

Mark your calendars for May Raft Up :
It is coming up beginning May 3 and going until May 5. Anyone interested please contact Pat McCormick at 562-673-8418 or email him through this link: Patrick McCormick . More information to follow. 

WOW! Calendars are already starting to fill up!

Stacy Massey
ABYC Communications Cheerleader *\0/*


You all know my heart is with our Juniors and all that they 'grow' into for ABYC and the community around us. I love posting pictures of them, competing in regattas, first day of school, away at college or the like. This week I've got a little secret. One of our club members, Marilyn Spencer sits on the Advisory Board for a charity called Chubby Cheeks, Int'l. Chubby Cheeks gives food and health aid to people in need around the world. This is no ordinary organization! It was founded by Marilyn's grandson Connor, who's 14 years old. I met with Connor last week to learn of his endeavor and walked away in complete AWE of this young man. I know how important Juniors are to this club. And I am thankful that we show appreciation for all they do, whether it's sailing, academics or something else. So, I'm bragging on Connor and the efforts he is making to change the world. If you are a runner, walker or just want more information on his upcoming March 10th Chubby Cheeks Charity Pi Run... here's the website: Chubby Cheek's Charity Pi Run !

Here's a big ABYC Congratulations to Marilyn, Winston and all the other "Spencers"! You've got quite a young man there!

I f you've got something out of the ordinary... send it my way!
Happy Wednesday ABYC Sailors!

We are very excited for the upcoming programs and regattas for the juniors here at ABYC in the coming months. Head on over to  to see what's going on!

This Past Week’s Events:
This last weekend was the annual SCYYRA EE Manning Regatta! Despite some rain on Saturday morning, the wind stayed filled in and gave a fantastic event with the conclusion of the 2019 Shadden Series on Sunday! Congrats to Reade Decker and Ken Sherb from LIYC/BYC on winning this year's Shadden CFJ Series!!!

This Upcoming Week:
It's a travel weekend!!!
Optis to Morro Bay!
High School to Santa Barbara!
I will try to post an update on the Juniors Website with results as they send out links!!!

Events On the Horizon:
For everything else, go check out  ABYC's Spring Program Schedules posted here . Don't forget to print yours out and post it on the fridge. Never miss a date again!

See you out on the water!

Craig Ramsay
Director of Sailing Programs | Alamitos Bay Yacht Club
P: (562) 434-9955 ext. 22
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