2Q 2022
Women Investing in Women
New WIP Membership Pricing
We are pleased to announce that we have lowered regular WIP membership fees and created a second tier of discounted membership for students, retired professionals, and those between jobs.

We believe the new fee structure will allow us to extend our reach to a more diverse group of members at different stages of their careers and provide more return on investment for all.
Upcoming Events
Part 1: Retirement Income
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Tuesday, April 19 at 3:00 - 4:00 PM CT
Location: Zoom
Join us to hear about how DC stakeholders across the industry are innovating to solve the critical problem of spending in retirement for DC participants.
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Thursday, April 21 at 5:00 - 7:30 PM CT
Location: Rivers Restaurant
You’re invited to an in-person evening of food, drinks, and networking with old and new friends.
Guests welcome! WIP membership not required to attend – all are welcome.
Part 1: Career Navigation - Your Journey

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Thursday, April 28 at 4:00 - 5:30 PM CT
Location: Zoom
Join us to hear about career development: how to ask for what we want and need, how to think about career changes - including timing, how to navigate your organization as you seek to advance, and who and how to influence to achieve your goals along the way.
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Fridays: May 6, June 3 at 10:00 - 10:30 AM CT
Join us for 15-30 minutes of randomized, casual one-on-one networking with WIP members. Stop by as often as you wish to brew up a new relationship in our Café @Zoom! 
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Friday, April 22nd at 9:30 AM CT
Location: Mojo Coffee - 33 N. LaSalle, Chicago, IL
WIP members are invited to join Denise for a cozy, no-agenda chat!
Nominate the Next WIP Trailblazer
Since 2007, WIP has honored a Distinguished Investment Professional of the Year at our awards dinner - our largest and most prestigious event. This year's dinner will be bigger and better than ever! In addition to hosting the event in a larger venue to meet demand on October 13, 2022, we are also delighted to announce the launch of the Joanne Hickman Dodd Award!  

The nomination windows for both awards are now open! Submit nominations for both awards to info@wipchicago.org by September 13, 2022. Nomination Submissions Must Include:
  • Nominee's Name, Title and Company
  • Nominee's Phone Number and Email Address
  • Specify Award (Distinguished Investment Professional Award or Joanne Hickman Dodd Award)
  • Describe how your nominee meets the nomination criteria
  • Confirm whether you wish for the nomination to be confidential (yes/no)

Joanne Hickman Dodd Award *NEW*
The Joanne Hickman Dodd Award recognizes an outstanding woman in the investment industry who has between 5-7 years of professional experience and has demonstrated her commitment to teamwork, professional development, and excellence. She is known for her empathy, going 'above and beyond' and her potential as a future leader. The award is named after Joanne "Jo" Hickman Dodd, who co-founded WIP in 1996 and has been a passionate advocate for women and children throughout her distinguished career. For over 36 years, Jo has served the industry in senior executive asset management sales roles and her leadership roles at non-profit organizations. Given Jo's contributions to WIP, the industry and her community, the WIP Board is proud to officially name our new award, which seeks to recognize the next generation of industry leaders, the Joanne Hickman Dodd Award.  
Nomination Criteria: 
  • Member of Women Investment Professionals (WIP)
  • 5-7 years of investment industry experience
  • Making outsized contributions to her team, firm and community
  • Exhibiting leadership qualities
  • Fostering a diverse and inclusive culture
  • Please note that nominees do not need to live in Chicago

Distinguished Investment Professional Award
Our Distinguished Woman Investment Professional Award recognizes an outstanding woman in the investment industry who, over a distinguished career and through her personal conduct, commitment and activities, has exemplified her support for the advancement of women within the industry and her community.

Nomination Criteria:
  • Well established in her career
  • Disrupting the investment industry
  • Truly blazing the trail for the next generation of women
  • Fostering a diverse and inclusive culture
  • Please note the nominee does not need to live in Chicago or be a WIP member

The Governance and Nominating Committee is recruiting members. Anyone with an interest in board governance and recruiting should contact Stacy Scapino.

The WIP Board is also seeking members interested in being considered as a candidate to chair the Strategy Committee. This Committee is responsible for driving WIP's annual strategic planning process, incubating new initiatives, and discerning significant industry trends for elevation to WIP's board as input for decisions regarding future services and member support. Candidates for chairing the Strategy committee should have experience leading strategic planning efforts, implementing new initiatives, and managing teams. Please contact Stacy Scapino.

We continue to offer a number of volunteer opportunities for both the Membership and Sponsorship Committees. Please contact Nicole Zaleski and Denise Winchar, respectively.

Click here to learn more about the various WIP Committees and get involved.
Welcome, New Members!
WIP warmly welcomes our new and renewing members during Q1 2022!

  • Alomari, Dalal - LGIMA
  • Brown, Mary - Campbell Newman Asset Management, Inc.
  • Canavan, Julie - LGIMA
  • Fitzgerald, Lauren - Putnam
  • Gonzales, Nancy - LGIMA
  • Hill, Deborah - Morningstar
  • Iroume, Leila - LGIMA
  • Jennings, Jessica - Trinity Alps Capital
  • Linke, Charlene - Mesirow
  • Lyons, Laura - LGIMA
  • Nigro, Jennifer - Baron Capital, Inc.
  • Panos, BethAnne - LGIMA
  • Park, Jennifer - Kabouter Management, LLC
  • Pesa, Lucy - Baron Capital, Inc.
  • Ren, Katherine - LGIMA
  • Rindfleish, Servia - Mesirow
  • St. Charles, Kristina - LGIMA
  • Stephens, Michelle - LGIMA
  • Szudy, Magdalena - LGIMA
  • Vorster, Cherilyn - LGIMA
  • Wadera, Jyotsana - Putnam Investments
  • Weisberg, Sophia - Mesirow
  • Yan, Elizabeth - 1623 Capital

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Member Spotlight
Celebrating WIP Member:
TARA HARKINS, VP, Client Experience Marketing
Harbor Capital Advisors
Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, "Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you." These are words to live by as women in the financial services world continue to drive meaningful change, inspire optimism, and deliver strong outcomes in partnership through amazing organizations like Women Investment Professionals. 

Harbor Capital Advisors recently launched the first Women in Leadership video series, sharing stories of successful women in financial services throughout Women’s History Month. Not only did I get to learn from talented women who #BreakTheBias, I also had the chance to absorb their insights to help frame my new role as the leader of the Events and Education Committee for Harbor’s Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging ("DIBs") Committee, where we are building plans focused on community, celebration, mitigation, and education. At my former company, I had the opportunity to create a local chapter of our Women’s Resource Group. We offered women the chance to participate in coffee chats with senior executives, ask questions of women leaders in intimate engagements, and join community volunteer outings.  

My favorite thing? As the stepmother of twin boys with Alopecia, I love being part of the Children’s Alopecia Project, an organization dedicated to instilling confidence, self-esteem, support, and awareness for children living with Alopecia – an autoimmune disease leading to hair loss. When you spend time with girls and boys who are encouraged to live every day knowing they are more, even if their hair is less, you develop a new outlook on strength and the importance of inclusion.  

Please reach out to Tara if you'd like to learn more.
Our goal is to continue to provide you with broad networking opportunities, both professional and personal. Know a WIP member who is making a difference? 
Member Benefits
Take advantage of the full range of benefits available:
WIP Jobs Board

Did you know that the WIP jobs board currently has over 20 new jobs posted from over 10 organizations? Our LinkedIn series will continue to highlight positions on a weekly basis.

You can submit a no-charge, 30-day job posting by sending an email to info@wipchicago.org.
Career Lessons: Asking for What You Want
An interview with:
Jennifer Rosenblum, CFA, Senior Managing Director
Mesirow Wealth Advisors
Did you have a clear vision for your career when you were younger?
No, not at all. A number of what I would call “accidents” led me to where I am today. I decided to major in finance at the University of Illinois, mostly because I liked math and my father was in the investment world. The decision made sense at the time, but it wasn’t the result of a deep dive to figure out where I really wanted to concentrate my studies. It was mostly about getting a job! And when I graduated in 1988, I still did not have a vision for my career. I just wanted a job — any job that would allow me to move out of my parents' home and support myself. When I think back over my career path, it still always surprises me. It seems that I fell into my dream job and I now get to pursue my passion of helping people.
What led you to join Mesirow? 
The first time I looked for a job I cast a wide net, and I found a job as a wealth advisor at a small firm. After the birth of my first son, my employer offered me a flexible work schedule for a year. Although I felt like I did the same amount of work, it was helpful to be in the office only four days a week (there was no working from home back then). Several months into that year, the management team promoted to partner three of my peers. Although I had been at the company for longer, I was told that I had been passed over because I was working less than full time. That’s when I decided I needed to leave that firm. 

My second job search was more narrowly focused than my first. My father had worked as a stock broker for Mesirow when I was a kid and I knew that the firm had women in some of the top management roles. A professional contact on Mesirow’s bond trading desk told me about an opening for a wealth advisor in their asset management group. I applied and got the job. I knew right away I had made the right move — for the first time in my professional life, my colleagues and managers started asking for my opinion!

What career lessons have you learned that you think have been most valuable?
I think it’s valuable to ask for what you want. For a long time, I wanted to be on the executive committee of our department. But I thought I should wait for someone else to make it happen. I assumed someone would recognize that my experience and perspective (and the fact that I was not a man) would be valuable assets to the committee. At the same time, it seemed to me as though asking for the position would somehow diminish the achievement. One day I attended a women’s investment advisor conference, where a panelist spoke about how women have a tendency to wait for someone else to give them what they want, rather than asking for it. That struck a chord, and as soon as I returned to work, I went straight to my boss and asked to be on the executive committee. He said that the idea had never crossed his mind! Two weeks after that, I officially became a member of the committee.
I had been in the work world for many years (too many) before I realized that what I wanted was relevant! Advocating for myself completely changed my work satisfaction and personal life. 

Contact Jennifer at 847.681.2329 or jennifer.rosenblum@mesirow.com.
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