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 Was our zeal according to knowledge?


For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge. Romans 10:2 KJV

Consider the following statement:

In his letter to the Romans, the apostle Paul speaks of his Jewish brothers as possessing a zeal that was not according to knowledge.  Zeal not according to knowledge may be a thing of danger as well as weakness. It prompts a man to move, but often in the wrong direction. It results in tearing down rather than building up, and frequently causes a man to do the work of the enemy rather than of God. 

Has this been the case with certain actions regarding the tragic death of Botham Jean? Did our zeal for justice take place at the right time? Did our zeal for justice prompt us to move, but in the wrong direction? 

For example, was  it the right time to say the shooting of Botham Jean was an act of racism when we didn't know yet if race played a factor in his death? Was it the right time to call the police officer a "white devil" when there was no evidence  she shot him based on his skin  color? Was it the right time to request the firing of the police officer when she hadn't  been found guilty yet of a crime? Was it the right time to request the resignation of the city's police chief when she wanted to first determine if her employee was guilty?

Let it be remembered that a diligent, honest, persistent inquiry for, and insistence upon truth constitutes one of the most proper and urgent activities of the true child of God. Our zealousness for justice in the death of another African-American young man was right and  necessary as citizens and children of God,  but before we are prompted to make another move or say another word about this case, may we be diligent in learning the truth  regarding the events that led to the shooting and death of Botham Jean. For that's the best way to ensure we operate not only with a zeal for justice, but according to knowledge.

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