Reverend Dale Golden, Senior Pastor

Last month I ended my letter to you using John Wesley's words:  "Do no harm. Do good. Stay in love with God."  This is good advice as we enter into a conversation that I have avoided for several years - politics. Oh my, depending on the words I choose, I may gain cheer from 50% of you and harsh words from the remaining 50%. Of course, those percentages may not be accurate, but what is accurate is that we are both Christian and residents of this amazing country. I cannot help but wonder though, is there a way to de-escalate the political tension among us?
I believe there is; let me begin our conversation as a person deeply committed to Christ as well as committed to the goodness of these United States. We are a diverse people of faith and, as such, I believe, we have polar political views. How can we differ so broadly and still remain faithful Christians? At this point you may be thinking your pastor has gone over the deep end! Perhaps you are right but, like many people today, I can see the strain of our political tension in our homes, business and yes, even the church.
My first tendency was to seek the advice of books in my library, but I soon realized our true source of insight should be God's Blueprint: The Bible . What does the Bible say about being obedient to our political leaders, as well as our leaders being obedient to our Creator?
In my own past, I have voted for both democrats and republicans and somehow always seemed disappointed in their leadership, regardless of party affiliation. I have written letters to presidents, governors, congressmen and senators. I have tried to express my Christian passion as well as a sense of accountability. The greatest failure, however, was not in their ability to lead but rather in my own daily prayers on their behalf. I have not been as attentive in praying for government leadership in our state and country as I could have or should have been.
With this in mind, I have now created a weekly blog which will focus on Biblical sources to help us as a "united people" for a united Christian ethos . In other words, Lord, "may Your will be done" - not mine! So, join with me in praying God's hand on every one of our local, state and federal leaders. Cast not your votes, but rather your prayers for transformation.

Your humble servant in Christ,

Pastor Dale

"The Lord bless you and keep you; may the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace." - Numbers 6:22-26

August 6 - Ecclesiastes 5:1-7, 18-20

What Would Jesus Do?

Have the American people in the 21st century lost the connection and understanding of how awesome God really is? Are we content with what God has blessed us with? In recent polls, we Americans have said we are a religious people and believe there is a God who created the heavens and the earth. However, most people don’t seem to carry that same belief into our daily thinking, decision making and judgments of what is right and wrong. Forget about the rest of the world; what about us - you and me? Do we make daily decisions with God in mind?

August 13 - Ecclesiastes 7

Wearing White at a Funeral!

2017 brought us new possibilities; so why would we spend time reading Ecclesiastes, chapter seven that deals with wisdom, foolishness and death? Why not something more uplifting and loving? Something more nurturing? Because many of us know the pain of death or dying, this message is especially important. It's for those days when we might not be feeling so lovely... a day that is supposed to be about love and good feelings... the Lord’s day. We need God’s words today!

August 20 - Ecclesiastes 8:1-6a, 15-17

Civic Wisdom: Just Because I Can, Doesn’t Mean I Should!

“So who is like the wise man who can know the meaning of it all, and who can show us what this vain and foolish life is all about? For wisdom is what this hour most urgently requires. True wisdom can transform the most wretched [person] and make their face shine like the sun.” ~ T.M. Moore

August 27 - Ecclesiastes 9

The Essentials: Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Saving the best may be foolish as God has given us everything so that we would enjoy these moderation, of course. Life’s pleasures are gifts from God and should be enjoyed but also seen as fading glories. It is vital to see that much of the writing in Ecclesiastes is delicious irony, lest we misinterpret the intent.
Did you miss last Sunday's worship service? Or have you ever wanted to go back and hear a wonderful sermon again? Or listen to that beautiful prelude you heard all about? Don't you wish you could sing along with the Praise Team just one more time? Thanks to Norma Clemente, many of our worship services and special events have been recorded and uploaded to Trinity's YouTube Channel. Click  HERE and peruse our playlist to watch and enjoy!

Events for August 2017
1 Daniel VanDeusen
2 Lee Britton
2 Bettie LeVeille
2 Liz Unger
3 Keith Rooney
4 George VanDeusen
5 Danny Hunt
5 Megan Thomas
6 Buster Hunt
8 Leanne Adams
9 Kendra Cox
9 JJ Zabele
11 Vergie Erickson
13 Ed Krein
13 Bill Ward
1 4 Hank Kobler
16 Ed Plummer
16 Ann Simons
17 Marlee Baumgartner
18 Cecelia Oberst
18 Alex Ford
18 Kay Pitts
18 Sally VanDeusen
19 David Griffis
25 Seth Frierson
25 Bob Kellogg
25 Mercedes Zabele
28 William Bosco
28 Sally Ford
30 Michael Austin
1 David & Carole Solar - 30 yrs
3 Dale & Maurica Sisk - 59 yrs
21 John & Carol Dill - 27 yrs
27 Keith & Charlie Yocum - 7 yrs
30 Robert & Kendra Cox - 32 yrs
To call, write or send a member a card or email, contact the church office to request an updated "People Directory."
“For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.” Matthew 18:20

Have you ever felt like a 15-minute sermon just doesn’t go deep enough into the Scripture? Truthfully, in just a few minutes we are not able to explore the fullness of the text.

For this reason, Pastor Dale is now offering two opportunities to have “coffee or tea” and Bible study with him each week. You may choose from either session, depending on your preference. Sessions will start on Monday, August 7th, 10:00 a.m. for those who prefer daytime or 6:30 p.m. for those busy during the day.

The location will be announced soon. E mail Pastor Dale at to reserve your spot  or call the Church Office for more information.
Beginning August 30th, Pastor Dale will be leading a four-week series of classes targeted to adult individuals and couples who have expressed a desire to become members of Trinity.

However, any adult who feels they need or would like a short-term “refresher” course in the basics of the United Methodist denomination (general rules, the connectional system, social justice responsibility, our social creed, and other traditions) is invited and encouraged to attend.

To learn about the class and its importance and relevance to persons seeking Jesus, our Savior, click here to read more details.

A light dinner will be planned for attendees. Contact Pastor Dale to learn more and to reserve your spot today! Email him at or call him at 386-734-4425, extension 203.

For those who are looking for a deeper insight into some of Pastor Dale's teachings and leadings, he has created a weekly blog which can be viewed anytime on the church website. Click HERE to read his first three blogs!

To get an email notice about new blogs being posted on the website, click on the red button to the left to sign-up or contact Lori Jones in the church office for assistance.)
The Antiques & Collectibles Committee is preparing for its annual Indoor Yard Sale to be held on Friday, August 18 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The purpose behind this sale is to move out old inventory (that has been in stock for several years) to make room for new donated items in this year's Fall Festival.

Make plans to attend this one-day sale to get some real bargains!

In the meantime, check your closets and cupboards for items you no longer use (but know somebody else will!) Our committee members meet every week on Tuesdays from 1:30-4:00 p.m. If your item to be donated is too big or if you are "shut-in" and cannot bring to us, give us a call to arrange pick-up.

Call Harriet Bolin at (386) 736-0884, Gale Gately (386) 738-2452, or Lana Saxon at (386) 736-1008 to learn more.
Before we know it, the storage PODS that we rent will be here. For now, we are asking Trinity members and friends to look around their homes and businesses for new or gently-used goods they would like to donate. Make plans to bring your donated items after the PODS arrive - September 6th is the expected date .

Additionally, we are hoping to have area businesses donate gift certificates for goods or services that we can feature in our Silent Auction. If you personally know a local owner/manager of a business, let us know!

To learn more, to sign up to volunteer, or to inquire about making an in-kind donation, call the ch urch office at (386) 734-4425 or email Conya Hartman, at .

Conya Hartman/Karen Robbins

Believe it or not, the new school year is set to begin August 14th! Won't you make plans now to join us as we begin our newest outreach efforts - ministering to children and families living in the area where our new church facility will be built? As our program is developed, there will be many different ways to serve our partner schools - Citrus Grove and Starke Elementary; however, the immediate need both schools have requested is mentors to help at-risk students for 30 minutes each week. Imagine that…helping a child change the course of his/her life by simply listening and encouraging a student for 30 minutes a week!

WE NEED YOU... THEY NEED YOU... But first, prior to working with children in any county school, volunteers must be approved. To do this, you must go online and either download the Application to Volunteer Form located at Volunteer Partnership Programs, or use the online application link to complete your application online. Be sure to check the box for Youth Motivator (mentor). After the school district screens/approves your application, they will mail to you training instructions and contact information.

To better equip volunteers, Volusia County Schools has designed a comprehensive mentor training course to be taught on the following dates. Choose one and make plans to attend:

Monday, August 21st from 3:00-5:00 PM

Monday, September 11th from 3:00-5:00 PM

Monday, October 9th from 3:00-5:00 PM

Monday, November 13th from 3:00-5:00 PM

All trainings will be held in the Olson Facility Bid Conference Room located at 3750 Olson Drive in Daytona Beach. From DeLand, proceed east on US-92 (International Speedway Blvd) to Indian Lake Road. Turn left and proceed to Olson Drive. Turn right to facility with school bell on left.

If you plan to attend a training, please RSVP directly to the Volunteer-Partnership Program department by calling (386) 255-6475, extension 38379. And, if y ou need assistance or want to discuss before reserving your spot, call or email me at Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to working with you to expand our outreach in this wonderful way!

Leslie LaRue, School-Church Partnership Coordinator
(386) 748-8501

P.S. Citrus Grove has recently distributed a "School Supply Wish List" for the new school year. Click HERE to view and print a copy to take to the store with you. After purchasing, feel free to drop off your donated items at the school office. (And, be sure to introduce yourself as a member of Trinity!)

Many members have inquired about the results of our recent communications survey. Click HERE to review and learn about the different ways our members and friends prefer to receive church communications.

We now have a new e-calendar which offers members greater details about coming events and meetings. Click HERE to view.

Did you know that you can update your profile and email preferences at any time by clicking on the "Update Profile" link found at the bottom of every email we send you?

Are you receiving our newsletter via email, do you pick up a hard-copy in the Narthex, or do you view it on the church website? We offer all of these options to you. Contact Lori Jones in the church office to learn more about the different ways you can receive the latest issue of Trinity Today!

Based on Trinity's 2017 Budget, we need $37,063 income each month. For the month of June, our income was $36,971.

Our donations for June toward the Capital Campaign were $18,056 which brings our total to $593,177. This is 48.5% of our three-year pledged commitment.

The Building Committee is ready to make a formal presentation to the Trinity family at a Church Conference scheduled for Sunday, September 24th. The East Central District Superintendent, Rev. Bob Bushong will preside. Please save the date for this very important (and exciting!) meeting in the life of our church. If you have questions, contact Alex Ford, Building Committee chair, or Pastor Dale.

The Trustees hope that everyone is enjoying the summer. We have been busy working at the Parsonage to get things ready for Pastor Dale and Joleen. They have been working hard, as well, getting settled in and set up. A big "Thank You" to them both for the gifts of a new stove, range hood and microwave for the Parsonage. Which, by the way, is looking great! A new roof is in order though, as we have a couple of leaks with the current roof which has withstood the elements for the past 23+ years. Donations to help cover the cost are welcomed and greatly appreciated as our funds are getting low.

There will be some tree work going on behind the church building and in the south parking lot, for we are getting a facelift and new curbing. These jobs will enable us to meet requirements established by the school board and DCF, and will help keep the children safe.

We are in the process of relocating the church nursery and preparing that space for Easter Seals to use. The new nursery will be relocated to the rooms previously used for Christ's Closet/Faith Partners. The kitchen is undergoing some modifications, as well.

The Trustees would like to thank everyone who pitched in to help with these projects and to keep things up and running. Wishing everyone a safe and fun summer!
Charlie Daniels, Chair
To raise awareness of human trafficking and raise funds to support victims, H.O.P.E. (Helpers of People Enslaved) is having its 4th Annual Night for Freedom at St. Anne's Catholic Church in DeBary. The night will include a speaker, dinner, plus both a silent and live auction. Tickets are $50. Last y ear's event brought in over $11,000 for this cause!

Florida is the third largest state where trafficked girls and boys are recruited. With Daytona's races and biking events, as well as Orlando's many concerts, sports events and conventions, trafficking has increased dramatically over the last ten years. Does it happen here in DeLand? Yes, it does. Sadly, just last year, a couple sold their teenage daughter to fund their OxyContin habit.

We need to be educated and aware for our children and grandchildren's sake. Donations or auction items are needed. Contact Lana Saxon, a H.O.P.E. Member, at (386) 736-1008 or email her at  to learn more.

Our Sneakers for Kids Program seeks to help kids in need at Citrus Grove Elementary School. Kids sometimes come to school in poorly fitted, smelly, unsafe, or worn out sneakers. Parents sometimes cannot stretch their monies for better footwear. With the help of the teachers, who give us the child's names, and Trinity's congregation, who support this program with their monies, we are able to provide a sturdy pair of sneakers to these children. Higher self-esteem and less teasing are by-products for the child.

We are in need of SOCKS this summer. Kids like low-cut or ankle socks (socks which only come up to the ankle). The socks needed are to fit shoe sizes 13 (small) and all sizes up to 8.5 (older boys/girls). Kids like colored and designed socks.

Place your SOCKS in the specially-marked bin in the  Fellowship Hall. Two pairs of socks will be given to each child with their sneakers.

Thank you so very much!!

Lana Saxon/Kathy Clark, Coordinators
Trinity's Youth Week (for rising 6th graders through 12th grade) will be held the week of July 30th through August 6th. The youth will be treated to a Back to School Bash on August 6th from 1-5:30 p.m. at the Redding's house in Glenwood. Come out to swim, play games, enjoy a cookout and lots of fun and fellowship before heading back to the classroom.

The middle school youth will pick up again with their regular weekly gatherings on Sunday, August 13th from 3-5 p.m., and the high school youth will start back on Wednesday, August 16th from 6-7:30 p.m.

Our mission trip to Daytona was very successful. The students that attended bonded with a youth group from Minnesota. Together, we worked at Midtown Recreation Center, the Ortona Recreation Center, the United Brethren in Christ (UBIC) Food Pantry, Bridge of Hope Soup Kitchen, and Chiles Academy. To bring the week and trip to a close, on the last night a foot washing service was held at the beach. It was a very emotional and meaningful service for our youth (and their adult chaperones). The Holy Spirit truly moved in and through everyone to unite the group into one and the experience will be remembered for a lifetime, I'm sure.

Again, thank you to all who contributed to and supported our summer camps and mission trip. We are working on a presentation for the congregation, so stay tuned for more!

Lori Hansard, Children & Family Ministry Coordinator


Every second Thursday of the month, a bereavement counselor from Halifax Hospice comes to Trinity to conduct a grief support group. If you, a friend or neighbor recently lost a loved one and feel the need to seek support from caring individuals that have gone through all of what you are experiencing, plan now to attend.

The next support group gathering will be on August 10th at 3:00 p.m. For more information, call Debra Wood at (386) 747-8804 or email her at

Meet up with friends

Hear great piano and organ music

Pour out your heart in prayer

Welcome others

Offer some of your wealth to help others

Hear an inspirational musical message

Listen to God’s Word

Be inspired by Pastor Dale

Head out to spread God's Word to others

Happily submitted,

Barbara Bradley


Adult Sunday Classes will be kicking into high gear this month with new studies to read, discuss and learn. If you are not involved in a class, check out this list and make plans to visit one or more to find one that meets your needs and preferences:

  • The Discussion Class considers pressing world issues from a Christian perspective using the Faithlink curriculum. Leaders are Karin and Steve Roland.

  • The Journey is a multi-generational class that focuses on the historical context of each book in the Bible and how it applies to daily life today. Taught by retired clergy, this class is designed for those who are very familiar with Bible and desire a more in-depth study.

  • The Not Your Mama’s Class is a multi-generational group that uses contemporary, popular Bible study guides with videos by popular authors/presenters like Max Lucado, Rick Warren, and Liz Curtis Higgs.

  • The Together Class is a group of mature adults studying a variety of topics viewed through a Christian lens, and is led by retired clergy and lay leaders in a traditional Sunday School setting.

  • The Fellowship Class is made up of mature adults who prefer to study select Bible passages using the International Bible Lesson Forum. This class is taught by retired clergy and experienced teachers.

For more information, contact Sunday School Superintendent, Lori Hansard by email.


Promotion Sunday is
August 13!

We are very excited about Promotion Sunday. We will be using an age-appropriate Bible-based curricula (Whirl by Sparkhouse for elementary-age and Cokesbury Magazine with middle school-age). Every class will be filled with activities, lessons, singing, questions and answers, plus interactive discussions.

We will discuss current events and sometimes view clips of movies to enhance the lesson. Here's the line-up of leaders, the classes they will teach, and the assigned rooms:

  • Pre-K through first grade will meet in Room 220 with Ms. Angel Bohner and Ms. Merry Weaver
  • Second through fifth grade will meet in Room 222 with Ms. Karen Robbins. Ms. Cindy Rosso and Mr. Jeff Bishop
  • Middle schoolers will meet in the Youth Room with Ms. Tori Ball and Mr. Brian Fuller
  • High schoolers will meet in Youth Room 304 with Ms. Jennifer Griffis and Mr. Jeff Hansard

For more information, contact Sunday School Superintendent, Lori Hansard by email.


Steve and Karin Roland recently visited the Children's Home to contribute many items leftover from the closing of the Faith Partners' Ministry. While there, they learned of new needs then inquired at the July church council meeting about starting a monthly collection to meet those needs. It was approved and they are starting the collections this month with the following items:

  • Hair conditioner (regular size for men and women)
  • Deodorant (regular size for men and women; stick and roll-on type only, no spray-aerosol cans.)

Please bring your donated items to church. A specially-marked bin will be set up in the Fellowship Hall for this ongoing collection. For more information, contact the Rolands.

Young At Heart Ministry Update 
The new Young At Heart Luncheons will begin on Tuesday, October 10th at 11:30 a.m. An organizational meeting is being planned. If you are interested in helping to get this ministry to seniors up and running, call or email Anita Campbell at (386) 734-9224 to sign-up!
We were so sad for ourselves and so happy for Brian when we heard that he had gone to meet the Lord before us. We will truly miss him. When the Lord made Brian, he broke the mold, for he was certainly unique.


We first met Brian in 2010 when we started spending half a year in DeLand. We met him at the Interfaith Kitchen. Brian was a churchaholic, for you would bump into him at virtually any church in town, especially if food was being served. He was usually the last to arrive and the last to leave. Time-keeping was not one of his gifts, but he had the most quirky and memorable sense of humor. Whatever mood you were in, it took virtually no time for Brian to make you laugh.

And he loved to praise. Always sitting at the front of church, he loved to sign as well as sing every song. He was the first to offer to share a testimony. Every time you saw him, he had another testimony of some amazing provision from the Lord. We used to see Brian several times a week at Interfaith Kitchen. He attended every Alpha course and the Something More gatherings that we ran at Trinity when we were in DeLand. We would always take him home to Fish Camp after the Tuesday evening meeting.

He inevitably carried numerous plastic bags that always had to be repacked when you were finally ready to leave. He would come for prayer to the weekly Walk-in Ministry and the monthly Outreach Community Breakfast. He would attend the 8.30 a.m. service at Trinity on Sunday mornings and then, after some light refreshments, he would have a ride arranged to take him to the next church service.

He would be at Mercy Hour on Tuesdays and knew no strangers. He was brilliant at engaging people in conversation and would be the first to pay you a compliment. No matter how frustrated you felt while waiting for him, he could lift your spirits in an instant with some witty remark. Some never quite got his humor which led, on occasions, to him being misunderstood. But, through it all, he always remained positive, so full of what the Lord had been revealing to him.

He would do anything for anyone and was always helping people. When he had a car, he was always giving people rides and helping people out. He loved the Lord, he loved people and he loved to eat. And we loved him. Gone but never forgotten, we are sad to be in England for these six months and to have missed his service. The photo seen above is one we treasure. It shows Brian with the bike that we gave him as a gift from the church. He called it ‘Blessing’. Actually, Brian was the blessing.


Helen and Mark Jackson

Faringdon, England

Won't you please prayerfully consider joining this ministry to help us stay connected with others, not only through the special cards of encouragement, sympathy, or just thinking of you that we send, or our prayers offered up for those experiencing a difficult time but also through our presence?


During our times visiting with those who are homebound, the Angels have witnessed and realized how much those we have visited enjoy having us there to talk with, share stories, break bread together, play cards or board games, and just genuinely enjoy one another's company. Some of you may have already experienced this connection through participating in our homebound communion. We would like to take it a step further!


We would like to start visiting our homebound folks on a regular basis and invite anyone who is interested in joining us, or if you know someone who would benefit from a visit from us, to please call Debra Wood at 386-747-8804. Or, if you prefer, email

306 W. Wisconsin Avenue,
DeLand, Florida 32720