Dear Emanuel Family:

Pursuant to the charge of the Board of Trustees, the Rabbi, President and Executive Director have consulted with the Medical Subcommittee of our Task Force and have decided on the following:

Effective Thursday, August 18, 2022, revised Safety Protocols for the Emanuel Synagogue are as listed below:

1. Masking will be optional in the synagogue.

2. We will continue to use the Sanctuary and larger spaces where possible to spread out.

 3. The Sanctuary will continue to be used for daily minyan. We will try to use the Chapel as soon as possible once we work out the tech issues attendant to Zoom. We are striving to rebuild on-site attendance.


4. We will resume carrying the Torah around the Sanctuary. The use of a tallit or siddur to touch the Torah when it goes around will be permitted.

5. The current system of Torah blessings and aliyot (from shtender on floor) will continue for the present time.


6. We will consult with the kitchen team concerning guidelines on food service.            

7. Congregants may sit where they please, but we encourage people to spread out. We will provide ample seating for those who wish to have more open seats around them.

8. People may resume greeting each other with a handshake. Do what feels right for you. We continue to encourage regular hand-washing and use of hand sanitizer especially before eating.

9. Advance registration for certain services or events may be requested but not for COVID reasons. 

10. If you test positive for COVID we ask you to wait 10 days, to be asymptomatic and have a negative test before returning in person. (This will be on the honor system).

Please do not come to The Emanuel if you feel unwell. We have done well during this difficult period. Let’s continue to look out for one another. Thank you for your amazing cooperation during the last two and a half years.


Ken Simon, President

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