January 2020

Celebrating #200

Women in Leadership

Coming in Feb: Millenials
We've spent over 17 years networking and sharing wisdom from women executives (and yes, men too) with women from many different industries and career levels. From brand new college grads, women in their first jobs, newly promoted high achievers & veteran female leaders...we have hosted more than 7,000 attendees over the years.

Can you imagine the positive and inspiring effect Women in Leadership (WIL) has made in these valuable lives?

In this issue, we celebrate our landmark 200th Women in Leadership seminar and the inspiration behind it, leading the way for Women in Business way before it was cool!
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"I am proud to have had a small part in the legacy of Women in Leadership, and I am inordinately grateful for Susan Hitchcock."

Lyn Turknett, Co-founder & Co-chair TLG
Friday, January 24th
Women in Leadership celebrates seminar #200
with a powerhouse panel!
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Susan Hitchcock , founder and host of TLG Women in Leadership, is the driving force behind this record-breaking achievement- 200 consecutive Women in Leadership seminars!
Susan Hitchcock – Why WIL Matters

From Passion to Purpose to Impact 
by Susan Hitchcock , Founder & Host of WIL

If you’d asked me in 2003 whether the first two hour seminar featuring a leadership speaker and a small group of female participants in TLG's Executive Development Program would have a long term impact, I’d probably have said, “No.”

But ask me now in 2020 in our 17 th year of the WIL series and my answer is an emphatic “Yes!” 
Tino's Corne r- Women Leaders ROCK

Women Leaders Rock
by Tino Mantella President & CEO TLG

President Obama recently said, while giving a speech in Singapore, “If women ran every country in the world there would be a general improvement in living standards and outcomes”.

I tend to agree. Perhaps it’s because we both have two daughters and talented wives or maybe it’s because we have had the opportunity to work with so many gifted women. Believe me, I am not comparing myself to the past President. My only point is that when any man has the honor of being with women in the social and business environment, they quickly figure out that they are different – duh.
Tino Recommends this book

an autobiographical  book  by  Malala  Yousafzai, co-written with Christina Lamb.
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"To have 200 consecutive meetings is an amazing feat. More significant is Susan’s ability to maintain an exemplary level of guest speakers. And, she always does her work with a smile." Thank You Susan!

Tino Mantella, President & CEO TLG
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"A special thank-you to Susan Hitchcock, who has been a colleague, a friend, and a model of leadership character for us. She is included in our book as an example of accountability.
(see excerpt below) "

Bob Turknett, Co-founder & Co-chair TLG

"...she (Susan) has a passion for the issues faced by women in leadership. She developed and now directs our Women in Leadership Initiative. She carries this spirit into the community, too. She was one of the founding board members of the Board of Directors Network, which is devoted to placing more women on corporate boards. Susan has served on the boards of other organizations concerned with women’s leadership
Value Tales Podcast for Jan. 2020- Featuring Ann Cramer
A NEW ValueTale is live!

Podcast host Josh Turknett welcomes guest & Atlanta legend Ann Cramer, Senior Consultant - Coxe Curry & Associates; retired IBM. Ann is a Leadership Character Awards Advisor, past Women in Leadership speaker (and on the program for the JAN 24 event) and an all around extraordinary person!!!

Listen to Value Tales: Stories in Leadership Character (Turknett Leadership Group) on Apple Podcasts. And leave a review!!
Important Notice-
TLG is moving (just down the road)
Feb. 1, 2020

We are growing fast and need more space for our clients & coaches. Excited about serving your needs & unleashing potential in our new & improved space!
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Atlanta GA 30084 
Lyn Turknett- Who are Heidi and Howard and Why Does is Matter?
Who are Heidi and Howard and Why Does it Matter?
By Lyn Turknett , Co-founder & Co-chair TLG

Heidi Roizen was a Silicon Valley venture capitalist - one of the first women in a field still dominated by men. In 2000 she was the subject of a business school case. She was confident, competent, and successful.

Confidence does not come so easily to many women. Katy Kay and Claire Shipman wrote a book and an  article for The Atlantic  on women’s pervasive issues with confidence - issues that impact their willingness to negotiate for a higher salary and likely their ability to be seen as leaders. We have found gender-based confidence gaps in our research at TLG. We first analysed our 360 data by gender in 1997.

We found, as have others, that women were rated higher by coworkers on many more dimensions than men, but there was one glaring difference: women were seen as less confident. We have also found that women rate themselves significantly lower on self confidence (a part of our Leadership Character Profile assessment) and on generalized self-efficacy, which measures an individual’s perception of their ability to perform difficult tasks and to cope with challenge. 

As we reflect on the past 17 years and look ahead to 2020, expect to continue to be “inspired, informed and invigorated”.

Susan Hitchcock
Women in Leadership Founder & Host

Can't wait to see you there!

Special Program

Don't miss this unique opportunity as we welcome back some of our amazing past leadership speakers:

  • Shan Cooper
  • Ann Cramer
  • Alicia Philipp
  • Teya Ryan
  • Beatriz Rodriquez
  • John Yates
  • Clair “Yum” Arnold
  • Stacie Hagan
  • Jim Huling
  • Ann Stallard
  • Jackie Parker
  • Cynthia Good
  • Marie Mouchet
  • Becky Blalock
  • Lara Hodgson
  • Soumaya Khalifa
  • Debbie Storey
  • and MORE!
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Where & When

Commerce Club, 191 Peachtree St, Atlanta, GA 30303
Friday, January 24, 2020
  7:30am - 10:00 a.m.

Business Attire
Breakfast and coffee will be provided
Want to attend & but not a member of TLG Women in Leadership?
Drop in seats are available on a first come first served basis at the rate of $175 per seat.
For membership information or to attend the Jan 24 event as a drop in, please contact: 
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