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Please Note: Our November newsletter has been updated to provide links
to the Tracking & Monitoring Tools page where the new Hearing Screening & Diagnostic Log, instructions, and other helpful documentation and
tracking tools can be accessed. 

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Tip of the Month
Tracking Tool Update Makes Hearing Screening Follow-up Easier than Ever!

It is reassuring to a family when a child simply passes the hearing screening, but the benefit is even greater when you are able to help identify and resolve a child's hearing health needs. That's what follow-up is all about, and doing it well requires a way to keep track of which children have been screened, which did not pass, and where individual children are in the process of getting further screening or evaluation. 
To provide a tool equal to this task, the ECHO Initiative Team is pleased to announce an updated and improved ECHO Screening and Diagnostic Log.

You can access this revised Log from our Tracking and Monitoring Tools page where you'll also find frequently used forms for documenting screening and diagnostic outcomes. 

As shown in this close-up of the Screen 1 section of the Log, features added in this update will now allow you to record: 
  • Type of screening
    (OAE or Pure Tone)
  • Screening date
  • Ear-specific screening results
For children who don't pass the initial screening on both ears, the Log is then able to compute the number of days since Screen 1 was completed, allowing you to easily see both how long a child has been in process and the next recommended step in the protocol. 
As in the previous version, the Log will automatically indicate "complete" for each child when no further follow-up steps are needed. It also keeps a count of the number of children whose screening is complete, the number of children identified with a permanent hearing loss, and computes an overall initial screening pass rate which is a helpful quality assurance indicator. 

There is no cost for using this Log--it is in a simple Excel® spreadsheet format which most early care and education programs can download and run without installing additional software.  Access the Log and accompanying instructions to make your tracking process even more efficient and accurate. 
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