Sunday, March 29, 2020
Dear LFHS Students and Families,

On Friday evening, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) issued additional Remote Learning guidance focused primarily on instruction and grading. The state is using the language of Remote Learning, because our plans are currently in response to COVID-19 which differs from the statutory nature of eLearning plans. Outside of the new grading guidance, I am happy to report that we have already been engaging in many of the suggested ways that best practices are mentioned in their guidance. 

After a close read of the guidance and after considering our particular context, here is how we will proceed: 

Weekly Schedule

We will continue with the following schedule that was communicated prior to Spring Break on March 20th.

Revised Remote Learning Schedule Beginning Monday, March 30th
To assist our students and staff with the management of teaching and learning, we will follow the hybrid schedule (above). In order to fulfill the new ISBE guidelines, teachers are adjusting the amount of time students are expected to engage in daily learning in each class. We will now move forward with no more than 60 minutes per class, on Blue and Gold Days. This is a change from what was communicated on March 20th . On Scout Days, students should expect to engage in no more than 40 minutes per class on Mondays.

Grading: Processes for All Students

Beginning on Monday, March 30th, teachers will begin to grade coursework and assessments completed by students. Unless unhealthy or other extenuating circumstances, students are expected to complete all assigned work. Students and families should continue to reach out to their teachers or Deans, if there are obstacles that interfere with work completion. We are here to offer assistance. 

Our teachers are diligently working to ensure that students have positive learning experiences and have the support needed to complete assignments. We encourage parents to partner with us in monitoring student work completion and encourage students to stay current in their coursework and daily learning expectations.

Incomplete or Incorrect Coursework

If a student completes work, but the work submitted is inaccurate, incomplete, and/or incorrect, an N (Not Yet) will be documented in the gradebook. Students should expect to receive feedback on how they can improve their grade – with the expectation that they resubmit the work . If a student resubmits the work for an improved grade, teachers will replace the N with a grade in the gradebook. If a student does not correct and resubmit the work, an N will remain in the gradebook. An “N (Not Yet)” does not adversely impact a student’s grade, but it does indicate that the students needs to make corrections for an improved grade/outcome. 

Missing Coursework 

If a student does not complete an assignment, an M (Missing) will be listed in the gradebook. If/when a student completes the work after it is due, the M will be replaced by a grade. An “M (Missing Work)” does not adversely impact a student’s grade, but it does indicate that the student has work that has not been submitted. 

Opportunities to Improve

If students do not obtain a favorable grade on their assignments, they will have opportunities to improve their grades on assignments. Teachers will communicate these opportunities to students and will document this communication and the response from students. Students should do their best in their classes and also take advantage of opportunities to improve learning through options extended by teachers. 

Again, teachers will keep logs of opportunities extended to students to correct or make-up work. While it is our hope that this will not be widely necessary, it is in every student’s best interest to stay current with their work and to take advantage of opportunities to demonstrate learning. 

Incompletes and an Extended School Year

If by the end of the grading period, there is an accumulation of missing assignments (M’s) or incomplete/incorrect submitted assignments (N’s) making it impossible for a student to receive a favorable grade, the student will receive an Incomplete

  • If/when a student receives an Incomplete, the school/district will partner with the student/family to create a plan for the student to complete missing work in order to receive a final grade. Students/families will be expected to comply with the extended learning opportunities offered by the school/district.
  • This may occur in one or more of the following ways and will be communicated directly to students/families: Summer School, August sessions, evening classes in September, etc. The school/district will create these opportunities and students will be required to attend and complete missing work at that time. 
  • More information will follow, once this is further developed. 
  • This information will also be communicated to students/families. 

Grading: Processes for Seniors Only

For Seniors, we are moving to a Pass/Incomplete model for all of their courses for the 2nd semester– where elected . Under this model, a passing grade is a D or better. Parents will be able to determine the courses to which this will apply for their students. Parents can choose to have letter grades issued for all courses taken by Seniors or only specific ones. 

Although many colleges and universities are creating many academic provisions for previously accepted students based on the global health crisis, we still encourage families to contact colleges and universities for advice to assist with your decision-making. 

Additional information and the process to follow in order to submit your grade preferences will be shared with Senior students/families from our Educational Services Department within the next two weeks. Until then, students should continue to engage as usual.

With that stated, in order to receive a diploma from LFHS, all graduation requirements still need to be successfully met unless we receive different guidance from ISBE . If a student does not meet LFHS graduation requirements by the end of the semester, the school-year may be extended into the summer and/or until the student meets the graduation requirements.

It is essential that Seniors fulfill ALL graduation requirements and remain in good standing through the end of the school-year. 

In the case that there is an undue hardship (i.e., health-related issues, etc.), the Principal and/or Superintendent will have the latitude to make discretionary decisions. Otherwise, Seniors should expect to positively complete all graduation requirements by the end of the second semester.  

Attendance and Student Engagement

The new guidance from ISBE continues to focus on student engagement, learning, and well-being. We will continue to proceed as we have with tracking student engagement, by asking teachers to submit daily attendance based on student course engagement. This remains important to us because it allows us to gauge student engagement and extend support and additional outreach to students and families, if there are concerns. 

Teachers will continue to submit attendance based on a variety of ways that students engage with them on the days that courses meet. While teachers will continue to communicate daily learning and engagement expectations, students are responsible for meeting those expectations. 

Moving Forward

As of now, we are still waiting for guidance from the Governor regarding the very likely extension of Remote Learning for our district beyond April 8th. Our Superintendent closely monitors guidance from the Governor, ISBE, and is in consultation with regional Superintendents. 

As we receive additional guidance from the state (ISBE) and determine the most effective ways to implement that guidance, we will continue to communicate with you.

Thank you,

Chala Holland