Villa Voice | Winter/Spring 2019
Table of contents:
8th Annual Collectors' Event
19th Annual Spring Tour of Homes
Can't You Sea? | Ocean Plastic ARTifacts
Museum Musings
Why should we visit art museums? Many reasons abound. Museums inspire us, educate us, challenge us and unite us with our community. The Art Museum of Myrtle Beach brings this wealth of possibility to all who visit.

Art Museum Gets a New Look - and Lots That's New to Look at
It's been an exciting new year at our Art Museum. 2019 — our 22nd year — started with the completion of our new flooring project. Thanks to grants from The Chapin Foundation and the Jackson family, we’ve installed new flooring in all of our Museum galleries as well as in the hallways, in the Museum Shop and in the Simeon B. Chapin Library.

KidsArt Is Making An Impact with Tracey Roode
Just to brag a little: in 2018, the Art Museum reached over 5,300 youth through art education programming!

Beginning in April, the Teen Art Program will help design and create art displays for our lobby for our summer exhibition, Can't You Sea? | Ocean Plastic ARTifacts.

Pottery Corner with
Arielle Fatuova
We've had a very successful first year at the Lineta Pritchard Pottery Studio, and have brought in many new people to the Art Museum - not to mention lots of new members!

Museum Shop Offers Tantalizing Glimpses of Spring
As the dreary days of winter transition to sunny skies and springtime blooms, we also look forward to the transition of new products in our Museum Shop.

Collectors' Event Marks 8th Year of Another Whirlwind Evening
One hundred lucky ticket holders got to take home an original work of art at this year's Collectors' Event, February 24th, at Collectors Cafe and Gallery.

As always, the evening was a fun and fast-paced happening for the attendees.

19th Annual Spring Tour of Homes this Saturday
It's not too late to purchase tickets for this year's Tour of Homes, which is Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.. As Always, the tour promises inside views of some of the area's most unique and stylish homes.

Can't You Sea? | Ocean Plastic ARTifacts, an Exhibit to Spur Environmental Change
Art is powerful. It has the ability to communicate important social, political and environmental issues in a way that is loud and unyielding in its resolve and at the same time playful and beautiful in its approach.  Can’t You Sea?  is an exhibition of art that brings awareness to one of our world’s most immediate and biggest environmental problems: plastic ocean pollution.

Please note that we neglected to include a gift from the Newman's Own Foundation, one of our most generous donors, in our list of Gifts, Donations and Sponsorships. Please see the corrected list in this edition.