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Remember when I said that things are going to be a mess?  Well, as you are aware, the schedules are a hot mess. Here is what's in the works:
The major issues are surrounding advisory and SEL lessons.  These issues appear to be working themselves out.  The greatest concern was the SEL curriculum, and how the lessons fit into the master schedule.  Every teacher needs to get an average of 250 minutes of planning time a week, and the planning time should be equal among all KEA members.
Our MOU states that students MAY have up to 4.5 hours of synchronous instruction per day.  Unfortunately, the district interpreted that as meaning all general ed teachers must teach "live" instruction for four hours per day. This is a huge misinterpretation, and the reason why young kids are in front of the computer for up to six hours a day.  The district also misinterpreted the term "synchronous".   Synchronous means "live" instruction. This INCLUDES small groups, intervention time, specialist time, and Inclusive Ed minutes.   This DOES NOT count as asynchronous time, and if it currently does, then please email Christie Padilla. This will need to be changed.


KEA is meeting with the district on Monday to address the elementary schedules. KEA agreed to schedules as recommended by the Back to School Task Force, and the example approved by the Board. The current master schedules do not reflect those recommendations. We would never agree to putting students in front of screens for hours and hours at a time. Quite frankly, we thought that most teachers would fall into the two-hour range.  We were mortified when we saw the master schedules that came from the buildings. We do not believe that it is the fault of the principals; rather is was some misinterpretations that was handed down to them. They followed what they believed to be correct. Regardless, we need to find a solution that is appropriate for kids. The current schedule is not sustainable for children, families, or staff.  That will be KEA's message on Monday.

Stay tuned... more information will be coming. For a summary of the MOU, please click here.
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