Print Studio: January 7 - March 15
Masiello Studio: January 14 - March 15
TO REGISTER, e-mail Angel Dean at
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New this winter!
In celebration of the new lighting that will be installed in the Maseillo Studio in early January, we are offering FOUR evening classes this winter. If you'd like to invite a friend to join you for an evening class, they may register (if room allows) but you must also be taking the class. The nonmember fee will be twice the rate of the listed member rate.

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Mondays, January 14 - March 11
9am-noon, no class Jan 21, Feb 18
with Bill Lane
Wet, dry, and everything in between!

During the Winter class session, we’ll review planning your painting with a sketch and a value sketch; we’ll look at the elements of design, the principles of design, composition and the focal point of your painting. We’ll explore different watercolor techniques, wetness and dryness of the paper, and experiment with multi-color washes.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio.

Class Fee: $70 (7 classes)
Paint from your own images or set up a still life but make sure you are passionate about your subject. It will show in your work!

Some knowledge of watercolor painting will be helpful and drawing skills are even more helpful.
Mondays, January 14 - March 11
1-4pm, no class Jan 21, Feb 18
with Kate Huntington
Kate Huntington has been studying portrait painting since the 70’s. In 1992, she started hosting an open weekly portrait painting group that is still very popular today. Besides getting to explore new ideas and techniques of her own, as a result, Kate has developed a keen eye as to producing a solid portrait as well as a good likeness. In this class, Kate will share her approach to painting the portrait by giving a quick demo on the first session, allowing students to watch her put emphasis on her strong drawing skills while building up color. Students will then work on their own pieces while Kate gives one on one attention to each individual. Rather then teaching formulas, Kate will be teaching each student how to learn to see better to improve his or her portrait rendering skills. Students are free to work with whatever medium they choose. We’ll be working with a different model every week.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio.

Class Fee: 
$70 + $28 model fee = $98
(7 classes)
Mondays, January 7 - March 11
9am-noon, no class Jan 21, Feb 18
with Suzette Cozzens
This class is structured for the intermediate student and will cover introductory steps such as measuring, folding, cutting and simple book structures. After students are comfortable with the basics that every aspiring bookbinder should know, we advance to the construction of three books: the accordion, longstitch and Smythe-sewn. The course concludes with the construction of a fabric-covered box in which to house the books.

Location: Garden Level Print Studio.

Class Fee: $80 (8 classes)
Materials Fee: $45 (paid to instructor)
Supplies needed:
cutting mat
Olfa knife + Olfa utility knife
bone folder
pencil + white pencil
wax paper
glue stick (Uha brand is recommended)
Mondays, January 7 - March 11
1-4pm, no studio Jan 21, Feb 18
with Ruth A.B. Clegg
Renting the Print Studio is available to experienced printmakers and to member artists with extensive printmaking experience from taking print classes offered at the Club.

Ruth Clegg will monitor the open studio.

Location: Garden Level Print Studio.
Limited to 3 print makers
Bring your own printing materials.

Sign Up with Angel for 1-3 Time Blocks:
$50 Jan 7, 14, 28
$50 Feb 4, 11, 25
$35 March 4, 11
Artists must bring own plates, printing inks or paints, print paper, rags and tarlatan/cheesecloth. Renting the studio includes the use of the press, cutting mats, rollers & brayers, solarplate exposure equipment (must have and use your own dot screen) and plate cutter, newsprint, cleaning supplies and hand-soap.
Tuesdays, January 15 - March 12
Creative Joy Ride:
with Tom Monahan
Where might you take your art? Where might your art take you? Let’s explore!

Making art is often described as a never ending journey. This course will help you get past the same old scenery to find exciting new routes and imaginative destinations.
Geared for representational artists of any experience level in most all 2D mediums, the joy ride starts with the conceptual aspect of painting. Is the core idea truly original? Something that represents your unique perspective as an artist? Beyond the idea we’ll address different ways to bring more freshness to your work throughout all aspects of execution.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio.

Class Fee: $90 (9 classes)
Creative Joy Ride includes some creative thinking exercises, mini lectures and an occasional discussion to give you a clearer insight and mastery of creativeness. But mostly it’s you, your surface and an open mind, with personal creative direction from Tom, designed to help you make creative shifts, sustain them and continue evolving indefinitely as an artist. All done in a constructive, uplifting, fun manner.
Tuesdays, January 15 - March 12
with Anthony Tomaselli
This class is all about Passion. I will help you to relinquish the fear that holds you back from the truly expressive paintings that you would like to achieve. We will work from photographs, still life, or any other subject matter you would like. This class is about letting loose. Oil, acrylic, pastel, or any other medium is welcomed.
So I encourage you to PAINT! Have courage -- don't be too comfortable where you are -- experiment -- splash -- scrape -- blend -- draw -- paint -- sculpt -- Don't Fear the Unknown -- Embrace it -- Be Challenged by it -- But most of all Enjoy every minute of it!

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio.

Class Fee: $90 (9 classes)
Tuesdays, January 15 - March 12
with Gail Armstrong
Figure drawing is one of the best tools for learning how to draw anything since it involves comparing size relationships and judging angles by eye. Instruction will be given to beginners as needed, and any media can be used. The main focus of the class is to capture gesture, so the poses will run from 2 min. to 20 min, and a variety of models will be used.

New this winter: invite a friend to register with you for this evening class.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio.

Class Fee: 
$90 + $45 model fee = $135
(9 classes)

Materials :  Feel free to use whatever media you feel most comfortable with (pencil, watercolor, charcoal, acrylic, oil, pastel, colored pencil, etc.)
Tuesdays, Jan 15 - March 12
with Abba Cudney
This time is open to anyone with experience in the monotype printmaking process. This is an open studio style course where students are free to work on their own projects, all while having open critiques and dialogue with the class. Work will be approached in a fun and casual way. Each class will start with a short demo, showing various techniques to create a monotype such as reductive, additive, trace monotype, image transfers, multiple plates, and collage. Abba will offer any instruction and guidance needed in the monotype process.

Location: Garden Level Print Studio

Class Fee: $90
(9 classes)
Materials Fee: $15 (paid to instructor)
Abba Cudney earned her BFA in Painting and Printmaking at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. She graduated from NHIA with a minor in printmaking. She has exhibited in Italy, Chicago, Boston, Providence, and throughout New Hampshire.
Tuesdays, Jan 8 - Feb 5, 1-4pm
Wednesdays, Jan 9 - Feb 6, 9-Noon
with Betsy Zimmerman
A 5-week course in monotype printing that will meet two 1/2 days: Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. You can work on the same print over a 2 day period and leave your tools and work in the studio overnight. This will be a course that emphasizes working with multiple passes on the press so an image can be developed with different methods and tools with time to dry between printings. You can include collage and print, or use stencils, or print with found objects. You can explore building more depth into images.

Location: Garden Level Print Studio.

Class Fee: $100
(10 classes, 5 weeks)
Tues 1-4 + Wed 9-12, Jan 8 - Feb 6
Materials Fee: $15 (paid to instructor)
Wednesday, Jan 16 - March 13
with Carol Beagan & Catherine McKinnon
Share the experience that the Masters shared in a true atelier environment. This is a unique engagement for all levels of painters... an atmosphere where ideas and techniques are readily exchanged. It will be an experience that will enhance your art skills. Artists of all levels are welcome.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio.

Class Fee: $54 (9 classes)
Wednesdays, Jan 9 - March 13
ART AND THE CITY: The History of Art in Urban Places:
with Michael Rose
Urban centers have long been a source of inspiration and patronage for artists, architects, and designers. In this lecture style art history course, students will learn more about the ways in which cities have influenced, and been influenced by, visual culture. From Medieval Paris to contemporary New York and beyond, this class will look at the quintessential artists and architects of cities throughout history.

Location: Founders Room and/or Maxwell Mays Gallery

Class Fee: $100 (10 classes)

About the Instructor: Michael Rose has been the Art Club’s Gallery Manger since 2014. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in art history from Providence College, where he was a research assistant to professors ranging in specialty from Ancient to Modern.
BONUS: Members who register for this class may bring one (1) guest to each class at no extra charge!
Wednesday, Jan 16 - March 13
6-9pm, no class Jan 16 or Feb 20
BUILDING YOUR PAINTING: Tools to Finding Your Path:
with Kathy Hodge
Talent is overrated. What will make your painting special resides in your mind and your unique vision. I will work one-on-one with painters of all skill levels to gain a deeper understanding of what attracts you to your subject and what you would like to communicate, which will make the path to the finished painting much clearer.

By sharing demos, tips and tools from over 40 years of studio practice I will help you overcome technical and conceptual obstacles, to turn frustration into the fun of exploration.

You may bring reference material of your choice which could be photographs, or objects.The important thing is that you find your subject matter compelling. We will go over how to choose your image, the importance of drawing, color mixing, composition, structure, paint handling and studio tools. I work primarily in oils but you may work in either oils or acrylic. I will bring samples of Chroma’s Interactive Acrylics for you to try out as well.

New this winter: invite a friend to register with you for this evening class.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio.

Class Fee: $70 (7 classes)
Throughout the classes we will have supportive and constructive group critiques and discuss what we feel is working, or what we are struggling with, in our paintings, and share thoughts on materials and techniques.

Feel free to sign up with a friend, this will be a fun night of painting and discussion, no matter where you are on your painting journey.

Materials: paints & surfaces that you are comfortable working with.

Kathy Hodge has been painting since she first picked up her parent’s brushes at the age of 16. Like her parents, she attended RISD and has a BFA in painting from the Swain School of Design. Kathy has been appointed Artist in Residence at 14 National Parks and Forests. She was awarded a Fellowship in Painting from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts in 2017. Her work is in private, corporate, national park and museum collections.
Wednesdays, Jan 9 - Feb 6
INTRO TO WATERCOLOR: From the Beginning!
with Susan Klas Wright
Loose and lively painting! Learn to work with the fluid movement of watercolor, how to develop your own unique interpretation of the reference photo or drawing, and how to paint loosely in representational style and semi-abstract style. This class is for beginners and relative newcomers to watercolor painting.

Location: Print Studio.

Class Fee: $50 (5 classes)
Wednesdays, Feb 13 - March 13
with Warren Jagger
The class will concentrate on making art with photography. Students may use any camera, including phones, as the emphasis is on creative expression. Weekly assignments will be given, and class time will be participatory critiques of students’ photos. As driven by class discussion, there will be some instruction on digital image enhancement, camera technique, and photography history.

Location: Print Studio
Class Fee: $50 (5 classes)
Wednesdays, Jan 9 - March 13
with Lois Harada
guest instructor
This course will provide an introduction to oil based relief printing. Participants will learn how to plan and execute a multiple color print using linoleum blocks. The class will culminate in a print exchange where each participant will trade their editioned print with each other in a portfolio.

New this winter: invite a friend to register with you for this evening class.

Location: Print Studio.

Class Fee: $100 (10 classes)
Materials Fee: $25 (paid to instructor)
Bench hook   item E5016H
inks and paper will be provided
Thursdays, Jan 17 - March 14
with Craig Masten
Traditional Figure/Life class working with a nude model every week. Each class begins with gesture poses to practice how to put natural movement and expression into figures, followed by a long pose to allow more finished work. All levels of experience and any media are welcome, with individual instruction focused on the needs and wants of each participant.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio.

Class Fee: 
$90 + $45 model fee = $135
(9 classes)
Materials : Participants are welcome to use all mediums of their choice. Soft stick charcoal and a medium to large pad of white drawing paper are useful as a general choice.

Thursdays, Jan 17 - March 14
with Kelly McCullough
“Sight-Size”, an academic method of drawing and painting is a valuable tool for artists of all levels. This highly effective technique teaches the student “to see” by developing a visual language, resulting in greatly improved drawing skills. Traditionally plaster casts (provided) are drawn in charcoal, or the student may use the subject matter and materials of their choice.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio.
Limit: 12

Class Fee: $90 (9 classes)
Materials:  soft vine charcoal, General's Charcoal pencils (hard, medium, soft), #2 pencil, Medium tooth bright white drawing paper, a kneaded eraser. 

*If the student would like to use alternate subject matter and/or materials, please email Kelly in advance.
Thursdays, Jan 10 - March 14
9:30am - 3:30pm
with Carol FitzSimonds & Elena Obelenus
Students will work with new 21st century photopolymer plate, UV light and tap water to make a printable surface. Easy, safe, and fast, these printmaking plates are ready to print in 20 minutes. Instruction will cover all the ways to create images on these plates, multiple approaches to printing them as well as other printmaking techniques that can be combined with solarplate. The possibilities are as exciting as they are numerous. Open to all members.

Carol and Elena are passionate, dedicated, award-winning artists with years of experience to share.

Location: Garden Level Print Studio.

Class Fee: $200
Materials Fee: $20 (paid to instructor)
Thursdays, Feb 7 - March 14
with Kevin Gilmore
This 6 week course will take us through an artistic journey of the foundations of a visual art practice. We will explore color theory, value studies, composition, and materials with emphasis on a productive artistic critique at the end of each class. All skill levels welcomed. This is a chance to learn new things, build on what you know, and create work in a supportive artistic environment.

New this winter: invite a friend to register with you for this evening class.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio

Class Fee: $60 (6 classes)
Materials Fee: $10 (paid to instructor)
Fridays, Jan 18 - March 15
with Raymond Finelli
Doing a portrait of a sitting model is a challenge that is unlike any other form of art because the total effort is focused on making the portrait become the image of a sitting model. In Raymond Finelli's Portrait Class you will receive individual attention and enjoy the ambiance of fellow students. You'll find yourself thinking about things you hadn't thought about before: Sketches and Sketching; Eyes, nose, mouth - making them fit; Modeling; Lighting and Shadows.
Whether your medium is charcoal, pastel, oil, acrylic, or watercolor, whether you're a beginner or experienced, you'll see a big change in what you can do after only a few lessons. You'll come away each day with a sense of excitement.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio
Class Fee: 
$90 + $36 model fee = $126
(9 classes)
For those artists working in charcoal or pastel, bring 19 x 25 inch pastel paper. Paper size is important to allow for changes and to give the image "breathing space," and we always encourage drawing in life size. We start at 9:00 o'clock sharp and break at 10:00 for about 15 minutes for coffee and relaxation. When we resume we work for 20 minute periods with 5 minute breaks until noon.

Materials :   For members working in pastel or charcoal: bring pastels, charcoal and paper. Recommended: 19 1/2" x 25 1/2" Canson Mi-Teintes acid-free paper, Sky Blue. For members working in oil or acrylic: bring paints, Gamsol mineral spirits, canvas, covered board or composition paper for oil painting.

Fridays, Jan 18 - March 8
with Jonathan Small
In this class we will paint still lifes while examining the styles of artists throughout history. Our still life arrangements will reflect approaches taken by artists starting in the Renaissance up to the present day, including Spanish bodegón, Dutch pronkstilleven, Impressionism, and Modernism. This will be a fun way to learn a little art history while we paint.
Any painting or drawing media are welcome.

Materials: students may choose their own materials

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio.

Class Fee: $80 (8 classes)
Fridays, Jan 11 - March 15
DESIGN A PHOTO COLLECTION: Through the Exploration of Adobe Photoshop:
with Karen Murtha
A terrific opportunity to use and share your photos from special occasions or wonderful travels! Using imagination and the design skills of Adobe Photoshop, the student will be work to create a unique, personalized book or collection for a portfolio or website.

The student’s expression or theme will be created by collecting and organizing a selection of the best or favorite images. They will then develop the language and skills to edit and enhance them using the tools of Adobe Photoshop. The student will also work to refine the layout for each page; ie. using a double page image or 6 images per page, varied boarders, text. etc. 

Location: Print Studio
Class Fee: $100 (10 classes)
Materials :   Students will need a laptop or computer with the Adobe Photoshop application. All the Adobe creative applications are now downloaded from the cloud. Adobe Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) may be downloaded free for 1 month to try. If you decide to keep, Adobe charges $9.99 per month for the application. All former versions of Adobe Photoshop CS (Creative Suite) are perfectly fine and have the same interface. A link to all the sites where you can purchase one of the applications will be provided.
UPCOMING WORKSHOPS (several others are in the works)
Ron Rosenstock: 1-Day Mat Cutting & Framing Workshop March 23
Theresa Girard: 2-Day Drawing for the Non-Objective Artist June 10-11
Margaret Dyer: 3-Day Pastel Workshop June 18, 19, 20
David Shevino: 3-Day Painting Workshop June 25, 26, 27
Wendy Caporale: 3 1/2 Day Portrait Workshop July 8, 9, 10, 11
Theresa Girard: 3-Day Abstract Workshop July 16, 17, 18
Susi Cozzens: 3-Day Suminagahi & Turkish-Style Marbling Workshop August 6, 7, 8
Kim Bernard: 3-Day Creative & Professional Practices August 20, 21, 22
I n celebration of the new lighting that will be installed in the Maseillo Studio in early January, we are offering FOUR evening classes this winter. If you'd like to invite a friend to join you for an evening class, they may register (if room allows) but you must also be taking the class. The nonmember fee will be twice the rate of the listed member rate.

TO REGISTER for winter classes, email Angel Dean at

If you are not a member, and you are interested in membership, please contact  Angel Dean in Membership Services to find out how to become a member. 
Class Enrollment
Class sizes are limited and enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. If enrollment maximum is reached, your name will be added to a wait list. If an enrolled student cancels, the Art Club will notify the first person on the wait list. Unfortunately, the Providence Art Club is unable to prorate students for missed classes or classes that they are unable to attend. The Art Club strives to provide the highest quality art classes with various media for all members.

  • Members will be billed for each class they register for.
  • Portrait and Figure Class students will be charged an additional model fee.
  • If space allows, spouses of members may sign up for classes for an
additional fee of $25 (class fee, model fee, and materials fee still apply).

Class Guest Policy  
In order to help increase awareness of the Club's resources and class offerings, and to encourage new membership, the Club is extending its Guest Privileges to include a limited opportunity for non-members to attend classes. Subject to instructor approval, a member who is enrolled in one of the Club's courses may have a non-member accompany them to one 3-hr class. The member will be billed for the non-member's attendance at a daily rate. Members are encouraged to make use of this guest policy.
Contact us:
Providence Art Club 11 Thomas Street Providence RI 02903 (401) 331-1114