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ASM Materials Camp
Last week our 8th grade students had a chance to engage in an exciting exhibit free of charge thanks to the ASM Materials Education Foundation. The program is designed to inspire the future generations of engineers and scientist and our students were most certainly in awe. From experiments that showed the crystal phases in iron to nitinol- a shape memory alloy, students received hands on contact with 8 different projects showing materials science and engineering principles. Click here  to see more pictures from the event.  


Special thanks to Mrs. Sam for organizing the trip and to ASM Materials Education Foundation for their generous donation!

Parent Tips from Know!: Bullying
October is National Bullying Prevention Month and we hope that during this month both our parents and our students have become more informed on the subject of bullying. As a character school we try to bring out the positive characteristics in our students to help them to become better citizens, which is why we also discussed bullying during our advisory meetings. Students were able to share and discuss how they can get involved to prevent bullying. We would also like our parents to know how they can get involved and prevent bullying from happening to their child. Click here to find relevant articles from the Know!, a program that helps parents of middle school children to become informed and gives them the tools to act. 

Please read the other articles offered by Know! too!!   

King's Island Trip

Testing can be a dreadful task. It takes a lot of planning, studying, and dedication. Usually the results can speak volumes about a persons abilities. Last year students took the AIR test and have waited to see if their scores qualified them to join in on one of the most sought out incentives of the year, King's Island. This weekend students traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio to enjoy the thrill park filled with rides and enjoyment. Although, it was a cool day, and the first sign of snow this year, students had a blast in this full day field trip.
  Congratulations on all of the students who did well on their AIR test! Special thanks to the chaperones for this trip!  

Principal's Corner:

Dear Parents and Guardians,
We really appreciate your help and the support to make our school even better. We believe that strong parent involvement makes a big difference in student's education and success. You can just spend a few minutes, daily, with your child, interact with him/her and get to know what is going on in his/her education. I think now is a good time to get involved because we have just completed our first quarter and sent the report cards home. You can also check the daily progress by visiting our school information system on our website. As you know we have four quarters and the first quarter is very important in planning if your child is not doing well in any subjects. If this is the case, we are here to help your child to improve. Please contact your child's teacher via our school information system or by calling the school. It is also possible to email the teacher or schedule a meeting after school. You are always welcome.
Furthermore,  to keep up with all of the exciting things going on in our school, please follow our school website, Twitter and Facebook for more upcoming events. We will be very happy to see you at our school events.
Thank you!

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