Seven Responses : a look back
Our videographer Jay Sprogell created a wonderful opportunity to revisit Seven Responses through the voices of the creative artists involved, with our performance of Anna Thorvaldsdottir's Ad genua/To the knees as the foundation for the film. Turn off the world for 10 minutes and spend time with some of the music, thoughts, and philosophies that drive our work.

The Crossing at The Barnes; Photo by Becky Oehlers Photography
The critical responses to our concerts at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Barnes Foundation were fantastic. Read what they had to say about John Luther Adams' magnum opus and our performances.

"exquisite...wonderfully seamless, liquid blend...rendered with ineffable melancholy"
- The New York Times; Read the full review here

"the quality of sound...had a particular shimmer thanks to a large range of highlights that are accessed according to the immediate needs of the music."
- The Philadelphia Inquirer; Read the full review here
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