Oct. 5,

No. 142

AMS Weekly Newsletter
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This week we focus on the evolving internal dynamics of the CCP, an idiom used by Xi Jinping last month, a new language learning tool, and an exciting job opportunity with our team.
Weekly Readings

The CCP's political security, as Xi Jinping defined it, depends upon the party leadership functioning coherently and not breaking ranks even amidst a great deal of conflict over power and/or policy. The latest issue of Qiushi has some interesting articles around National Day that are well worth reading, but this week's two articles pair well in their approaches to thinking about how to understand the party's internal dynamics and why they matter.


Language Learning

This week we feature the Friday Song feature from Supchina. Songs are a  great way to learn language-and Supchina gives lyrics in Chinese, pinyin, and English.

Find here a Friday song feature from Taiwan native Soft Lipa.
俗语 in Xi Jinping's Speeches

zì lì gēng shēng

Meaning: revival through self-reliance  

In his tour of China Rolling Stock Corporation in Qiqihar on Sept. 26, Xi Jinping used this idiom in a speech to workers. This is a term that you will hear more and more of in coming months, as China frames U.S. trade pressure as forcing China to depend less on the international system and more on itself. In his remarks Xi says that if the international system sees an increase in unilateralism and protectionism, then it is the outside world forcing China to rely on itself.
Job Opportunities

Program Coordinator, American Mandarin Society
AMS is seeking a full-time program coordinator to work with the executive director on program implementation and management, marketing & communication, conference planning, event management, research, and administration.
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