Update: NEW curriculum using PB's book, Crazy Christians
August 17, 2018
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Getting Ready for the WMA Revival…
An Invitation to a Book Discussion:
Crazy Christians: A Call to Follow Jesus, by The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry

The WMA Revival Christian Formation Team in the Berkshire Corridor is creating a curriculum to accompany the reading of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s Crazy Christians . We hope that a study of this collection of sermons/essays from our beloved “Royal Wedding Preacher” will generate excitement in our communities for the WMA Revival on October 21 by making them familiar with Bishop Curry’s voice and his passion for following Jesus in this age.

The study is presented in five sessions. In addition to providing discussion questions for each session, we will provide links to video clips of Bishop Curry’s sermons. The sessions will also include some discussion of evangelism and “The Way of Love,” the simple rule of life Bishop Curry introduced at the 2018 Episcopal General Convention in Austin, Texas.
The full curriculum will be available on the Revival website by August 31.

Get 3 FREE copies!
The Revival Committee has purchased a supply of books; each congregation is welcome to receive up to three copies at no charge.
In Berkshire County the study will be offered regionally, with parishes encouraged to promote the joint study to their members. Other parishes in the Diocese are encouraged to offer the study in their congregation, or in partnership with nearby Episcopal churches.
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