"Frost-locked all the winter, 
seeds, and roots, and stones of fruits, 
what shall make their sap ascend 
that they may put forth shoots? 
Tips of tender green, 
leaf, or blade, or sheath; 
telling of the hidden life 
that breaks forth underneath."
-Christina Rossetti
Plant of the Week
Bleeding Hearts
These little spring beauties are just starting to emerge, unfurling their little hearts to wear on their sleeve for the whole world to see. Dicentra is an elegant, easy care perennial for shady gardens. More commonly known as bleeding heart, it is named for its heart-shaped blossoms that dangle from slender, arching stems. Delicate, fernlike foliage creates a perfect backdrop for the flowers. Dicentra is a great companion for other shade loving perennials such as Hosta, Astilbe and ferns, as well as summer-blooming bulbs such as Begonias and elephant ears.
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Garden Valley Hemlock Bark Mulch is a premium screened hemlock bark mulch used as a decorative ground cover, natural weed barrier and water conserving mulch. Garden Valley Hemlock Bark is known as a ‘sliver free’ mulch that gives your landscape a beautiful finished appearance with less irritation to your skin than most mulches. Ideal for families with small children and pets.
Made in Eugene, Oregon!
The scent of spring bouquets!
The La Fleur collection from ROOT candles boasts the sweet smelling fragrances of peonies, hydrangeas and violets. These romantic floral fragrances are as sensual and elegant as their floral inspiration. Presented in soft pastel colors, each scent is reminiscent of tender, delicate petals.
You asked for it, we got it! Fox Farm products are now in stock here at Garland Nursery. We are excited to carry some new products, including their top selling potting soil, Ocean Forest® which is a powerhouse blend of aged forest products, sphagnum peat moss, earthworm castings, bat guano, fish emulsion, and crab meal.
They've arrived! For the most part. We are still waiting for Red Candy bundles, but we have the rest. We have a plethora of varieties of seed potatoes, from Yukon Gold to Fingerling and everywhere in between. Onion bundles include Patterson, Walla Walla and Candy, while the bulk sets include red, yellow and white.
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