November 2020

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"If you love nature, don't live in it," the adage goes. If left to itself, nature would replenish. Accelerating climate change are the human effects like industrial agriculture, fossil fuels, waste and mass production. 
The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2021-2030 the decade of ecosystem restoration. The most effective methods are up for debate, but our November explores one: rewildingSolène Wolff, our interview partner, defines it as "giving back space for nature to repair with little to no human intervention." It's a hands-off, nature-lead approach.

Read on to learn about a lake landscape made from open-pit mines near Leipzig, a search engine planting trees and a research project showing what successful rewilding looks like. Three upcoming events explore sustainable cities and design.

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Regenerating, Renaturing, Rewilding

Nature Untouched
Unlike conservation, rewilding takes humans out of the picture, "kickstarting the land's own ability to regenerate," according to Solène Wolff. In an interview the enviromentalist and researcher talks regeneration, where humans fit in and the importance of good stories.

Planting Trees with Search Results
A search engine based in Berlin just celebrated planting one million trees. Ecosia works just like Google, except 80-100% of their ad revenue is reinvested in tree planting projects around the world. Read about Ecosia.

Coal Mine to Swimming Pool
When all the coal from a pit mine has been extracted, a moonscape remains. In Germany's Neuseenland, a land reclamation project can largely be praised. Learn more.

Blueprint for Restoration
How do we measure the success of rewilding? A new study by an international team of researchers led by the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) has a few ideas. More. 

Events and Supporter News

FUTURE FORUM: Building Biopolis, Oct 14-17
Upcoming Events

From Event with University Alliance Ruhr Sept 22
Supporter News
  • Universität Hamburg Professor Appointed to German Council on Global Change (in German)
  • Interview with New Advisor for Research Collaboration, Universität Hamburg