4/21/2020 - Phoenix, AZ - North American Collegiate League ( NACL) co-hosted their first ever online FIFA tournament on April 19, 2020 in conjunction with Janus Esports . The tournament was a massive success with participants from four different countries in Latin America.
NACL’s FIFA tournament hosted a total of eight different teams from four different countries. Janus Esports , Warriors Team , Silver Knights , Stalkers , and GTR Gaming all competed from Guatemala. Salvador had players compete from Horus , Costa Rica competed players from Seventh Gaming , and Panama had HarpyX Gaming representing them. Out of all the teams, the viewers saw 32 players competing in a bracket style tournament. Each player would play their opponent in two games. Whoever had the highest number of goals from the two games combined would advance. However, if the players had tied goals, they would participate in a game three where the player who scores the first goal would advance.
The bracket was set up so no player would face another member of their team in the same round. However, after the first round, if two players from the same team advanced, they would play each other and one of them would ultimately be eliminated. The tournament was relatively close all the way through with the semi-finals and finals ending in nail biters. JeanromeroCR and TheJoya23 played eachother in the first semi-final match, with TheJoya23 winning 7-6 and advancing to the finals. The second semi-final match between EstebanGM- and rexwallplus also ended with a difference of one point as rexwallplus won 4-3. The final game was the most exciting as TheJoy23 and rexwallplus were tied in goals after game two, 3-3. They had to play a game three in which the first player to score would take home the championship. After a stressful couple of minutes, rexwallplus was able to score a goal, ending the tournament and clutching the victory.
NACL was honored to host this tournament and would like to thank all of the participants and countries involved. Moving forward, NACL’s next even is a Rocket League tournament coming up April 25, 2020. Sign up now at!
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