Friday, December 1, 2023


Matthew Touchette


Rhode Island Marks One Year of Adult-Use Cannabis Sales

WARWICK, RI – The Rhode Island Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) today marked the one-year anniversary of adult-use cannabis sales in the state. Adult-use cannabis sales began on December 1, 2022, following the passage of the Rhode Island Cannabis Act earlier that year. At the time of passage, Rhode Island became the 19th state to legalize adult-use cannabis. Currently, 24 states have legalized its use.

“A year into adult-use cannabis sales in Rhode Island, we are proud of the careful execution that defined our entry into this industry,” said Governor Dan McKee. “This success represents growing opportunity for our state's economy but also for the nearly 70 licensed cultivators, processors, and manufacturers in the State of Rhode Island which we know are integral to our local cannabis supply chain.” 

“Significant progress has been made this past year” said Commission Chair Kim Ahern. “I commend the collaborative efforts that have brought us to this moment and look forward to continuing our work in shaping the future of cannabis regulation in Rhode Island.”

In the past year, Rhode Island has celebrated several significant milestones:

  • Formation of the Cannabis Control Commission: The Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) was established to oversee and regulate adult-use and medical cannabis in Rhode Island. The Commissioners and Chairperson were nominated by Governor McKee in May 2023, and confirmed by the Senate in June. They have since held several public meetings to gather input from stakeholders and the public to ensure transparency and accountability in its work. 

In addition, the Commission has hired its own personnel, including Chief Legal Counsel, and an Administrative Officer – with plans to continue hiring in the coming months.

  • Appointment of the Cannabis Advisory Board: The Cannabis Advisory Board, which consists of individuals with expertise in various areas, held its first official meeting in November 2023 to discuss its upcoming work in providing recommendations to the Cannabis Control Commission for future action.

  • Rising Sales: Adult-use cannabis sales in Rhode Island have steadily increased nearly every month since being legalized in December 2022. This growth is due in part to the State’s efforts to create a safe and regulated market that is accessible to adult consumers over the age of 21.

  • Helping Small Businesses: With the recommendation of the Department of Business Regulation (DBR), the General Assembly passed an amendment to the state’s advertising regulations allowing Rhode Island retailers to advertise their products in the state. The change is expected to help retailers compete effectively in the growing market.

The CCC is committed to working with all stakeholders to ensure that the adult-use cannabis market in Rhode Island is safe, equitable, successful, and beneficial to the state and its residents.


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