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Happy Holidays!
Winter is almost here, as evidenced by the recent delays and cancellations! Although some may complain about the cold and unpredictable weather, there are so many wonderful things to celebrate in the coming season. Check out the Celebrating Winter collection on PBS LearningMedia for some festive activities, videos, and games for grades PreK-12 and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
Rhode Island PBS LearningMedia Update
New Interactive Lesson:
Meet Adam Blumenthal, an interactive media producer with a specialty in virtual reality. He sat down with Lindsay Kuhn, founder of Inventing Heron, to talk about how and why he chose his career, and what he does in this role.

This interactive lesson will introduce students to a possible career option through Adam's story and give them an opportunity to think like an interactive media producer. All student work completed in an interactive lesson can be saved and submitted online through PBS LearningMedia.

We enjoyed collaborating with Lindsay and Inventing Heron on this project, which was funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Inventing Heron is an online career resource that uses authentic storytelling to expose young people to a wide range of careers. Their team is made up of journalists and filmmakers who go into the workplace to interview people about their work, and educators who turn these interviews into curriculum. Currently, there are over 700 rich stories about work on the site at www.inventingheron.com .  
Rhode Island PBS LearningMedia Completes a 5K!
We’re thrilled to share the news that thanks to you, our locally-produced resources surpassed 5,000 user visits this past year! We are so pleased that these are helping to support your work with students! 
We’d very interested to learn more about how you are using these resources, as well as what new content you’d like us to develop in the future. If possible, please take a few minutes to complete this brief survey to respond. Your feedback will help us as we develop more content into the New Year and beyond—thank you!     
Professional Learning Opportunities

NEW - Curriculum Training for Early Childhood Educators

Not in Early Childhood? Please share with someone who is!

Play and Learn Science: Water Play Workshop Series

Join Mayra Monterroso, Coordinator of Family Literacy, at Rhode Island PBS for 13 hours of professional development approved by the Center for Early Learning Professionals. Two workshop series, one in English and one in Spanish, will be divided into 4 sessions each from January 8 through February 20, 2020. 
Rhode Island Department of Education's Educator Course Network approved professional learning offerings:

  1. PBS LearningMedia: Free local workshop series
  2. PBS TeacherLine: Facilitated online courses

Email us if you are interested in scheduling free professional learning sessions for your school or district.
Help Support Our Work
If you buy this reusable bag for $2.50 at your local Stop & Shop, please consider visiting the Giving Tag Program Website and directing the $1.00 donation from your purchase to Rhode Island PBS Education Services.

Your donation will help us continue our work of providing high-quality, free resources and workshops to educators and students across the state.
High School Quiz Show: Rhode Island
Season 3 will start airing in February.

If your high school did not have a team this year, visit ripbs.org to learn more and start preparing for season 4!
Wishing you health and happiness this holiday season
and into the New Year!

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