Volume 44 | October 2018
Rhythms of Rooted
Throughout the final week of September, across all of our North Way campuses, 54 small groups and over 650 people began the Rooted journey! Those of you that are a part of these groups are already meeting some wonderful new people and have begun to dig into topics like who God is, how to hear his voice, and where he is in the midst of suffering. I pray that it’s been an inspiring few weeks so far.

Whether you are participating in Rooted this fall or not, I want to take the opportunity to introduce you to the rhythms of Rooted – seven practices designed to help you better connect with God, his church, and your purpose. It is our desire that each of these rhythms experienced during the Rooted journey will translate to each and every season in small group community, and even personally and within your family as you seek to follow God.

We each have rhythms by which we live, right? Annually we might pick pumpkins every fall or spend a week at the beach each July. Monthly we may reconcile and plan our budgets. Weekly we shop for groceries, spend a day at rest, worship alongside our church community. Daily we might find time for exercise, dedicate the first few moments to God, pray before meals. Our lives are built on various rhythms, and they serve to shape who we are and who we become. 

This same principle of rhythms is built into the Rooted experience and is designed to instruct us in what it looks like to follow Jesus. Jesus modeled a life of rhythm with his Father and with his disciples, and it is our prayer that we would be people of rhythm as well, especially as we experience vibrant, abiding relationships with God and with others. 

The seven rhythms of Rooted are: daily devotion, prayer, freedom from strongholds, sacrificial generosity, serving the community, sharing your story, and celebration. We will be diving more deeply into each of the seven rhythms over the course of the upcoming year – in these emails and in your time together as small group leaders as you meet together on your campus. 

For now, join with us in prayer that we as a church community become people who are: 
  • Daily devoted to the God who created and loves us
  • Praying and spending time hearing Jesus’ voice
  • Free from the strongholds, sin, and struggles that can entangle us
  • Sacrificially generous with our time, talents, and treasure
  • Serving the community in a way that partners with God in his restoration work
  • Sharing our stories of faith so that people grasp the hope of the gospel
  • Celebrating the incredible work of God in and through one another’s lives

Pursuing a life of rhythm with you,

Amanda Seidler
Director of Adult Life
Save the Date!
Save the date for the events below - both for you and your small group members:
  • Sundays, October 14 - November 4: "Adulting" Teaching Series
  • Sunday, October 21: Child Dedications
  • Sunday, October 28: Baptism Sunday
  • Friday, October 26: Homewood Harvest Party