April 2019
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Rate Rate it! for a chance to win
When we asked, many people said "Yes!" to a product review website. Then different groups of people helped design Rate it!.

But now, this pilot project, funded by the Big Lottery Fund, is coming to an end. Should Rate it! stay or should it go?

Your views are absolutely vital in this decision. Everyone who completes our survey below can enter a random draw for one of three prizes of £50 high-street shopping vouchers. Please give us your views and rate Rate it! below.
Prize draw galore - £100 up for grabs
A big congratulations to two very happy £100 prize draw winners: Carol from Chesterfield and Owais from Ilford.

It could be YOU!
Please submit a product review by the end of April for your chance to win £100 in high-street shopping vouchers.

Sign up or log in and get reviewing below.
Free kit available for testing
Would you like to test one of two free products on offer this month? If you like it enough you can keep it. But you'll have to submit a review for Rate it! with your verdict:

The two products are:
  • One B-Warm energy-saving heated seat cover
  • One Muggi tray to carry up to four drinks safely with one hand

If you're interested, please send an email with 'B-Warm' or 'Muggi' in the title, so we know which one you prefer. Email Cath below.
Older drivers - carry on driving?
Some older drivers carry on driving for longer than they should, but did you know that some stop too soon?
Our research with groups of older drivers, their relatives, and mobility centres and experts help answer questions like:
  • How do I drive safely for longer?
  • How can I tell when it's time to stop?
Find out the answers and more below.
Gem in orange RiDC colour
Mobility centres = knowledge centres
Our jewel of the month is Driving Mobility, the network of centres that offers high-quality information, assessment and advice about mobility. Most questions people ask RiDC about driving or mobility can be answered by contacting Driving Mobility directly.

Did you know? Mobility centres offer assessment and advice on:
  • adaptations; wheelchair and mobility scooter loading and transporting
  • access for passengers and drivers to vehicles
  • choosing and buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV)

In addition, some centres provide postural support seating solutions for air travel. Some offer assessments for children, including for powered wheelchairs and car seats. Find the nearest mobility centre to you below.
Other news
How accessible are Britain's train stations?
How accessible are Britain’s railway stations? The answer varies, depending on the region and type of access. For instance, only 35% of Scottish stations offer train ramp access, compared to 99% in the Yorkshire area. The North-East of England has the best (84%) step-free access and London (44%) the worst. See how your area compares in this House of Commons Library report, below.
Are you a carer? Have your say now
Carers UK wants  to know about your experience of being a carer to help them understand how services and support are delivered, and to influence the people that commission and design support for carers. They're running their State of Caring survey until 24 May, 2019. Take the survey below.
How effective are workplace adjustments?
Have you been involved in making workplace adjustments? Business Disability Forum want s to find out how effective workplace adjustments are and what is and isn’t working for employees and managers across the UK.  Their Great Big Adjustments Survey closes on 8 April and the results are announced on 25 April, 2019. Take the survey below.
Is Transforming Care failing?
Two-thirds of mental health trust leaders worry that the Transforming Care programme is failing in its aim to help people with learning disabilities return to communities, a new NHS Providers report shows. Unclear funding and commissioning responsibilities are holding back the government’s drive to move learning disability care out of hospitals. Read more below.
Things not to say to a guide dog owner
In the U-Tube video below, four guide dog owners have a humorous look at some common questions they get asked on a regular basis by inquisitive passers-by.
Daniel Williams says: “As a guide dog owner myself, I wanted to dispel some myths people have regarding guide dogs and blind people like myself.” Watch or listen to the video below.
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