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Here at CPS, we're excited that awareness of the urgency to build partnership systems is expanding in the national consciousness. Partnership, Partnerism and caring economy is on the national radar and Riane Eisler's voice is increasingly being heard in the media.

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Riane Eisler’s voice will be featured along with five respected women leaders for the inaugural launch event for the General Assembly of Women. The event will take place on September, 21, 2020, also the International Day of Peace.

Frank Van Gansbeke interviews Riane Eisler in the recent Forbes article Climate Change And Gross Domestic Product – Need For A Drastic Overhaul. Also check out the Forbes Women article What’s Next? 4 Economists On How Our Economic Systems Can Transform For The Better.
Transformational Culture Change

How does the new Social Wealth Index (SWI) support a caring economy in the context of partnership social systems? Hear the interview with Riane Eisler on World Business Academy's Solutions News Radio.
The Shift Summit & Music Festival

Riane Eisler will present a keynote on September 19 and participate in a panel at the virtual Shift Summit & Music Festival, September 18-21, 2020.
Eisler to Keynote for the Building the New World Conference

Riane Eisler will present a keynote speech for the virtual 2020 Building the New World Conference, starting Saturday, September 19, 2020.
The Biocultural Partnership-Domination Lens

Patrick Farnsworth and Kollibri terre Sonnenblume talk with Riane Eisler on the Last Born In the Wilderness podcast.
Riane Eisler: "We must create a new Partnerism normal”

How can we come to terms with the symptoms of a domination culture in this time of COVID? Listen to the Kindred interview with Riane Eisler.

On Tuesday October 6, 2020, Riane Eisler will join four other course presenters in the first segment of the course, with a talk, discussion, and Q&A.
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