RWD - May Newsletter
'10 Ways to Better Your Google Rankings'
Google search has been continually evolving since the very beginning. Over the past 10 years, much of that evolution was driven by improvements in technology but also changes in what users expect.

1. Plain Text Organic Search Results - Achieving the top plain text organic search result in Google is more difficult than ever before. Answer a searcher’s need for information. Be superior in every way. Seriously, that’s what it takes.

2. Video Rich Results - It’s no surprise that YouTube results feature prominently in Google’s search results. Until last year, videos appeared as a thumbnail alongside the blue text link. Now, Google organizes them into Video Rich Results that are sometimes displayed above the regular text link results.

3. Carousel Rich Results - Google’s documentation states that rich results are based on site FAQs.
4. Featured Snippet - A type of organic search result that displays approximately 50 words of text, the page title and URL, and a featured image thumbnail. Featured snippets are an excellent opportunity to get more eyes on your thought leadership material. FAQs!

5. Data Table Snippet - Tables can be an effective way to share information or demonstrate concepts. Note that Google initially developed this result for news media. However, as brands increasingly function as publishers and may even tackle timely news stories, this could be an opportunity for businesses, as well.

6. Top Stories Carousel - The Top Stories carousel displays the headline, source name, and an expanded image. These results are open to blogs as well as media websites. Proper optimization here can result in your article being automatically converted into action on Google Assistant, enabling people to access your content through the voice assistant.
7. Local Business Knowledge Panel Card - With the proper markup and optimizations, Google My Business / business panels can have a great deal of functionality and interactivity. Not only can searchers find your address, phone number, and hours of operation without clicking through to your site, but they may be able to complete actions such as booking a table, placing an order, or making an appointment.

8. Event Rich Result - Marking up your events pages with Event Structured Data helps this information appear in Google Search and Maps results.  

9. Review Snippet - When Google finds the proper markups for reviews, it may expand your rich result with a review excerpt or an average combined rating score. Currently, this rich search result type is available for books, local businesses, movies, music, products, and recipes.

10. Logo In Knowledge Panel & Search - Reinforce your branding at every opportunity by ensuring that your logo appears in your business panel and in Search.