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Richard A. Rice, PE - Editor
Edition XXXVII - August 2019
Editor's Thoughts
National Professional Engineers Day!!!
Thousands of people get engineering degrees every year. But, only a few have the desire to become a licensed Professional Engineer (PE). Many just want to work in industry where they are protected by the corporation or government should things go wrong. PE's, on the other hand, put themselves on the line every time they put their stamp on a document showing that they are the Engineer-in-Charge, no matter who they are working for.

So, on August 7, 2019, think about the roads and bridges you took to work. Think about the air conditioning that brings you comfort. Think about the "things" that are taken care of in a nearby sanitary facility. Think about how you can take these things for granted because of the PE's around you.
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Richard A. Rice, PE
In the News...
Another Exterior Deck Collapse!!!
Fairfield, CT: Another deck collapse has sent five people to the hospital. In my humble opinion, exterior deck collapses are the most underappreciated structural failures in the United States. Someone REALLY important is going to have to die before these are taken seriously. Click Here.

From the "You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up" File
A well known construction expert did not want to be videotaped at his deposition. The judge said that he must. The expert called the judge, "some a**hole" for trying to make him. Things got awkward. Click Here

Blockchain Technology for Subrogation
State Farm and USAA are testing Blockchain technology to help make their subrogation efforts more efficient. Interesting article. Click Here.

Ohio Statute of Repose: 10 Years for All Claims
The Ohio Supreme Court had decided that when the issues involve construction defect claims, both tort and breach of contract claims are governed by the a 10 years Statute of Repose. Click Here .

You Just Got Subpoenaed as a Witness. What are Your Rights?
In case you didn't know, there are fact witnesses, and there are expert witnesses. Many attorneys have tried to have me come to court as a fact witness so that the attorney would not have to pay me for my time. Shame, shame. As experts that provide opinions based on education and training, we have rights. This is a great article on what those rights are. Click Here.

Is It Obvious? Your Expert Should Not Say!
This is a great article about what expert witnesses can and cannot say about the obviousness of something. Click Here.

Daubert on Steroids
By all appearances, the Daubert hearing for the plaintiff and defense experts for the Johnson & Johnson lawsuits is the largest this Editor has ever seen. Five plaintiff and three defense experts will be evaluated by a judge. Click Here.

Expert Referrals
I have the privilege to work with many great forensic experts in the United States, Asia and Europe in the fields of Accident Reconstruction, Electrical Failures, Mechanical Failures just to name a few disciplines. Please allow me to refer to you one of these court tested experts for your next insurance claim or legal matter. There is no charge to you. I do not get a finders fee from anyone. This is my way of helping you. Plus, I can help my Forensic Engineering colleagues. Please email me or call 404.395.7441.  

Note:  No warranties, expressed or implied, are made to the suitability of any expert referred to you. Do your homework to make sure you have the right expert.
...about the Editor
Richard A. Rice, PE is President and Forensic Engineer for Mutual Engineering, Inc. - MEI. Because of 30+ years of continuous civil/structural design services, and his early and continued exposure to his friends and families many construction businesses, Mr. Rice is uniquely qualified to provide Civil/Structural Forensic Engineering services to the insurance, legal, and construction industries. Services include building design and construction, roadway design and construction, building inspection and code compliance, building/foundation collapse, construction site incidents, and other property loss subjects. Mr. Rice is a licensed professional engineer in several states, and a Fellow and Board Certified Diplomate of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers (NAFE). Mr. Rice has written a novel and numerous technical articles published in professional journals for NAFE, the National Association of Subrogation Professionals (NASP), and the Georgia Defense Lawyer Association (GDLA). Please call/email Mr. Rice or visit his company's webpage:

Richard A. Rice, PE - Civil/Structural Engineer
Mutual Engineering, Inc. - MEI
13009 Panhandle Road
Hampton, GA 30228
(Phone): 404.395.7441


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Happy National Professional Engineers Day!!!
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