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Edition XXXII - March 2019
Editor's Thoughts
Surveyors in NAFE!!!
The National Academy of Forensic Engineers (NAFE) provides a path for membership for licensed land surveyors who seek more expert witness experience in the legal arena. Land surveyors are routinely asked to testify in court. To read about one land surveyor who landed in court as an expert witness, Click here.

There was not much in the news regarding forensic engineering topics this month. Please enjoy this shortened edition of OFI.
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Richard A. Rice, PE
In the News...

New Jersey for Daubert
It appears that the judges in NJ grew tired of expert witnesses opining on theories that could not be duplicated by other experts. In response, NJ has asserted that the judges are the true gate keepers to watch out for expert witness shenanigans.

Criminal Prosecution of Waterslide Designers Goes Nowhere
You may remember the incident where a 10 year-old boy was decapitated by a waterpark slide in Kansas that was not designed by a licensed professional engineer. While the civil lawsuit found the designers on the hook for $20 million, it appears that the prosecutor made numerous mistakes that allowed the designers to walk. Click Here.

Post-Accident Photos Now Allowed in IL Without Expert
For years, photographs were not allowed to be put into evidence without an expert witness to bonify these photos. That has now changed in Illinois. Click Here

Further Your Daubert Education
For those few lawyers who need a refresher on Daubert, and certainly for those forensic engineers who need to know the history and importance of Daubert, the following article provides the education you need. Click Here.

Expert Referrals
I have the privilege to work with many great forensic experts in the United States, Asia and Europe in the fields of Accident Reconstruction, Electrical Failures, Mechanical Failures just to name a few disciplines. Please allow me to refer to you one of these court tested experts for your next insurance claim or legal matter. There is no charge to you. I do not get a finders fee from anyone. This is my way of helping you. Plus, I can help my Forensic Engineering colleagues. Please email me or call 404.395.7441.  

Note:  No warranties, expressed or implied, are made to the suitability of any expert referred to you. Do your homework to make sure you have the right expert.
...about the Editor
Richard A. Rice, PE is President and Forensic Engineer for Mutual Engineering, Inc. - MEI. Because of 30+ years of continuous civil/structural design services, and his early and continued exposure to his friends and families many construction businesses, Mr. Rice is uniquely qualified to provide Civil/Structural Forensic Engineering services to the insurance, legal, and construction industries. Services include building design and construction, roadway design and construction, building inspection and code compliance, building/foundation collapse, construction site incidents, and other property loss subjects. Mr. Rice is a licensed professional engineer in several states, and a Fellow and Board Certified Diplomate of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers (NAFE). Mr. Rice has written a novel and numerous technical articles published in professional journals for NAFE, the National Association of Subrogation Professionals (NASP), and the Georgia Defense Lawyer Association (GDLA). Please call/email Mr. Rice or visit his company's webpage:

Richard A. Rice, PE - Civil/Structural Engineer
Mutual Engineering, Inc. - MEI
13009 Panhandle Road
Hampton, GA 30228
(Phone): 404.395.7441


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