I'm so thrilled to announce that my LATEST album My Oh My It's Time To Fly is available WORLDWIDE, which means that you can now download the songs, stream or purchase a CD to experience the music that people seem to love right away. Folks are really FEELING these songs and that's a very cool thing for an artist to hear. 

                                       WHAT FOLKS ARE SAYING!!!
- "Great album. You Kill it!!! Thank you for more music to love." Brent
- "This cd is power filled. i love everything about it!" Belle
- "LOVE this CD! Been jamming with it since I got mine in Oakland...!" Laurie

The Sacred Science of Sound
Today through 12/21/18
Online Summit

Join me in conversation with Jeralyn Glass as a part of her phenomenal interview series, "The Sacred Science of Sound." This is an exciting new project, now in progress.

16 amazing personalities share an intimate conversation around Creating harmony and well-being through the Healing Power of Music, Vibrational Frequency and Energy Medicine. These conversations are WELL worth your time and are available for free. You don't want to miss this.

My conversation with Jeralyn Glass on the Frequency of Flight is sincere and honest. I share   my thoughts about the way Music continues to be the healing thread in my life with songs that prophesy my next stage of learning. Jeralyn is the real deal and our conversation was amazing. I can't wait to hear what the others had to say! Tune in and spread the news! 

Gain FREE access to this one of a kind, authentic, inspirational and educational video series here:

Take FULL advantage of the Glorious GIVE Campaign.  All of the sheet music for the Glorious Chant Collection of 18 songs, are available to you NOW for FREE.   Rather than print songbooks to sell and distribute, I made the choice to GIVE the music away. It is the right thing to do because I want folks who love the music to be able to perform it without guessing at the chords. You will receive a link to a zip file that contains 18 Instrumental
tracks, 18 lead sheets with melody and chords, and 18 piano arrangements (for musicians who prefer to read the music). To receive the live performances of the chants as performed by the Agape Choir, go to and purchase downloadable files or order the Glorious Chant Collection CD which comes with a lyrics booklet.

Soul Sisters Connect - Feb 2, 2019 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Soul Sisters love to stay connected and to touch in with each other because that's just what Sisters do. Our 'Harvest for the Soul' gathering on Oct. 25th  (with surprise guests that included my own Mama Byars, and also 6 gorgeous children!) was beautiful beyond our expectations.  Dynamically. we celebrated the emerging projects that some were bringing to the world, we prayed and released things that no longer serve us, we walked together around the lake and shared precious moments of just listening to each other. This gathering was so soulful. And of course... we ate some yummy food. 

JAN. 16 -  LOS ANGELES - HOT & COOL CAFE - 7-9:30   Leimert Park 
Go to for info and future appearances in 2019