This monthly newsletter will contain details needed leading up to the 2022 Tour des Trees. We are grateful to you for joining us.
I Wanna Iowa!

We are very excited to see our 72 Tour des Trees riders in just about six weeks! As we get closer, you can check your fundraising and riding stats at www.tourdestrees.org. Remember, fundraising minimums are due by September 30.

If you have not yet made your travel arrangements, be sure to check out our Participant Resources page to get addresses, timelines, and other information on how to plan your trip. There are specific links there that will help with packing checklists, travel logistics, and shipping information.

If you have not yet joined, be sure to join the Tour des Trees Strava page and Facebook page to stay engaged with other riders.
Engagement Opportunities:

The Tour des Trees involves a lot of riding miles which takes up the majority of our time each day, but another very important aspect of this event is our community engagement to help spread the word about the importance of proper tree care, the importance of tree science and research, and to talk about what the TREE Fund does to support both of these and the arborists that benefit from it.

While not required, our riders are encouraged and welcome to help with these engagement events and bring their expertise to the table. Below is a list of our engagement events for this year. If you are interested in helping out with any of these, we'll ask for volunteers at the beginning of the week and/or the morning of, before we depart. In some cases, if you want to help out and would like to be shuttled to or from the location of the event, we'll make those arrangements.

Engagement Events with volunteer needs:*

  • Monday 9/5: Prof. Pricklethorn presentation at Newton Arboretum, 10:30am
  • Monday 9/5: ISU tree dedication, before dinner
  • Tuesday 9/6: Tree planting at Iowa Arboretum, around 9:45am
  • Wednesday 9/7: Tree planting in memory of Will Nutter and John Harsch, 8:00am (before departure)
  • Friday 9/9: Student engagement event at Peru State University, 10:15am
  • Friday 9/9: Prof. Pricklethorn presentations at Arbor Day Farm, 1:30 and 2:30pm
  • Friday 9/9: Tree planting at Arbor Day Farm, 2:00pm

*Engagement event times may change based on arrival times or delays. More events for 2022 may be added.
Virtual Tour des Trees Info:

Know someone that is not able to ride with us this year but still wants to support the TREE Fund? No problem! Registration for our virtual ride option is still available. The virtual event has no registration fee, no fundraising minimums, and participants are able to win prizes based on their fundraising efforts.

Mark your calendars for these events which we will stream only for virtual participants:

Tuesday, Sept 6. 4:00pm Central
Yoga with Lisa from OneTreeLove

Wednesday, Sept 7. 8:30pm Central
Meditation with Dr. Hallie Dozier
TREE Fund Webinar LIVE from Tour des Trees

We are excited to announce that we are adding another TREE Fund webinar to our schedule for this year and we'll be doing it LIVE from the Tour des Trees!

The webinar will take place at 7:30pm on Wednesday, September 7 and will feature a presentation from Chris Riley, PhD, of Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories titled, "Examining the connection between woody plant biodiversity and arthropod pest management interventions in residential landscapes."

The webinar will be streamed to our hotel where our moderator will be situated and we'll be do a quick check-in with the riders before the presentation starts. CEU credit will be available for any rider that attends.
Safety first!

Once again, RoadID has provided our group with a nice discount on their products to help keep our riders safe during their training and during our ride. Use the link below to get a 20% discount on RoadID identification tags and accessories. It will ask for your email and group name, which you can enter as TREE Fund- Tour des Trees.

Vaccination reminder

As a reminder, since we will be sleeping and eating in the same spaces, we are asking that all our riders and volunteers in this year's Tour des Trees receive their initial COVID-19 vaccinations before arriving to the tour. If you are not comfortable traveling with your vaccination card and would like to email a photo of it to us for our records, you can email that to Jonathan beforehand. Dependent on local and/or national recommendations at the time, we may to see your card when checking in, if we do not have a copy of it. (If you participated in the 2021 TdT, we already have your cards from last year, so you are already set.)
A Note from Paul:

Hello Friends,

I’ve been consuming a lot of racing lately, the Tour de France just wrapped up and the Tour de France Femmes is taking place now. It has been super exciting to watch these athletes showcase the beauty of our sport. It is also incredibly refreshing to see these strong women get the exposure they so deserve!

While the Tour des Trees is not a race, the elements of preparing for a week- long event for us more mortal cyclists are similar. Over the past years and months I’ve addressed traininghydration & nutritionheat adaptationtravel logistics and numerous other topics designed to help you prepare for the demands of the Tour.

In addition to the items addressed in previous Ride Guides, below is list of some of the other important considerations as you finalize your preparations:

  1. Bike Fit - Since you will be in the saddle for several hours each day, it is vital that you have a good fit to ensure comfort on these long rides and spare yourself any unnecessary pain in those critical contact points as well as your back and neck. If you haven’t already done so, or if it has been a while since your last bike fit, be sure to schedule one before heading to Iowa.
  2. Bike Check/Tune Up - In addition to working with your LBS (local bike shop) to ensure your fit has been optimized, it is important that you show up to the Tour with your bike in good working order. Have your shop check all the critical drive train components, as well as your brakes and tires before you arrive. Please note that most shops are very busy and scheduling this tune up will need to be done well in advance of the start of the Tour.
  3. What to Carry with You On Your Bike - This short video covers most everything you’ll need to have with you on your rides. The only other things I would add, is that I carry a small hand pump in addition to CO2 cartridges and, if you are running tubeless, it is prudent to carry a valve core removal tool and a couple of ounces of sealant
  4. Cycling Apparel - While riders receive TdT jerseys and you had the opportunity to purchase matching bibs/shorts, you should also make sure that you are prepared for the potential of inclement weather. We have a brief packing list in the Participant Resource page, and although we removed the suggestion of arm warmers a few years back (since our event traditionally takes place in the heat of summer), I find the combination of a vest and arm warmers a bit more versatile to fend off an early morning chill or getting cold while riding in a summer shower.
  5. Navigation - Last year we changed the format of the Tour to one that requires our riders to self navigate. This decision was not made lightly. We understand the value of route markings but as the available mapping technology and navigation capability of cycling computers (or phone apps) has evolved, it seemed that the time, expense and hazards of marking a 450+ mile route weren't warranted any longer. The Routes for this year's Tour des Trees can be found on my RidewithGPS TdT event page. Please make sure you join the event, practice using the navigational tools provided, and your respective device before arriving. It will save a lot of stress while out on the road. For those who prefer to ride unencumbered by electronic devices on your bike, find a friend or fellow participant to share your rides with. (And maybe offer to buy them a beer at the end of the day for helping you find your way.) 😊 
  6. Support - While it is important to understand the principles and importance of proper nutrition & hydration on long rides such as the Tour, rest assured that you will not have to develop your own strategy for supplying your needs. The Tour will make sure that you have nutritious breakfasts and dinners each day and our rest stops will be stocked with sufficient supplies to ensure you can stay on top of your personal fueling requirements. We typically have rest stops every 1.5 - 2 hours during your ride as well as a picnic lunch along the way. In addition, while it is important to know how to address minor mechanicals that may arise during your ride, we will have an experienced support team whose primary goal is ensure you can successfully complete whatever goal you set for yourself.
  7. Mindset - This may the most important element in you completing the Tour des Trees successfully. The days will be long, the miles and physical stress will accumulate. Have a good attitude but understand that there will be moments that will challenge even the most positive person. Be patient and keep pushing and those dark clouds will lift. You are stronger and more capable than you think!

I took the following and made a few edits from one of my all time favorite “Rules” List from the Rule of Three Ride Bible:
  • Be kind always. The Tour des Trees isn't about you, it's about everyone. Meet new friends that will last a lifetime. Help others and embrace them as yourself. Protect your neighbor’s property as your own. Push yourself to the limit and overcome.
  • Follow all laws of the road.
  • Follow the course (that you uploaded to your computer). If you miss a turn, go back and return to where you went wrong.
  • If you are passing someone, kindly say "on your left, please.” After, say "thank you, have a great day.” It’s not about you, it’s about everyone.
  • Don't litter and refrain from public urination.
  • Be super kind to your support team; they are all volunteers!
  • You must smile the entire time or least do your best to do so.

Ride on!

Paul Wood 
Tour Director, Tour des Trees
Phone - (843) 693-8448
Important Dates:

  • Ride Check-in and Orientation: September 3
  • Riding Days: September 4-9
  • Closing Breakfast and Bike Shipping: September 10
  • Team Fundraising and Matching Gifts Deadline: September 20
  • Fundraising Deadline: September 30
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