This monthly newsletter will contain details needed leading up to the 2022 Tour des Trees. We are grateful to you for joining us.
I Wanna Iowa!

Our roster is set to go and we are making final arrangements for hotel rooms, meals, and other accommodations for our riders. We are so thankful for all of you that have chosen to ride with us for this year and we are looking forward to seeing your faces soon.

A couple of last minute reminders:

  • If you have not yet done so, be sure to create your fundraising page. Fundraising minimums are due by September 30.
  • Make your travel arrangements. Check out our Participant Resources page for information on that and other details for this year's ride.
  • Want to stay engaged with other riders? Be sure to join the Tour des Trees Strava page and Facebook page.

Be on the lookout in your email in the coming weeks from Jonathan and/or Paul about follow up details to any items or information we may need from you for the planning process to make this year's ride that much more enjoyable. Of course, if you have any questions, you can email either of them at any time using the emails at the bottom of this page.
Virtual Tour des Trees Info:

Not able to ride with us this year but still want to support TREE Fund? No problem! Registration for our virtual ride option is still available. The virtual event has no registration fee, no fundraising minimums, and participants are able to win prizes based on their fundraising efforts. We'd love to have your support along with us as we ride.
Welcome to our new riders!

We have 25 more first time riders signed up for the 2022 ride! Please join us in welcoming Rich Hendler (Texas), Daniel Lambe (Nebraska), Brian O'Donnell (Nebraska), Matt Spitsen (Nebraska), Emily Ubbelohde (Nebraska), Zachary Ubbelohde (Nebraska), Matt Harris (Nebraska), Amy Harris (Nebraska), Dan Morrow (Nebraska), Jeff Ashelford (Nebraska), Lauren Weyers (Nebraska), Michael Cimprich (Iowa), Scott Packard, (Iowa), John Hicks (Iowa), Mark Wachendorf (Iowa), Liz Mathers (Iowa), Loren Klein (Iowa), Jordan Webb (Iowa), Taylor Maroste (Iowa), Tony Briggs (Iowa), Trevor Koolmees (Iowa), Todd Toom (Iowa), Matt Van Maanen (Iowa), Steve Heap (Iowa), and Nibaldo Urzua (Colorado).
Safety first!

Once again, RoadID has provided our group with a nice discount on their products to help keep our riders safe during their training and during our ride. Use the link below to get a 20% discount on RoadID identification tags and accessories. It will ask for your email and group name, which you can enter as TREE Fund- Tour des Trees.

A Note from Paul:

Hello Friends,

Registration is closed and the stage is set. It is now time to hone in on the final elements of preparation for this year's Tour des Trees. One of the critical elements is preparing for the potential of cycling in the heat. 

First, let's start by defining the heat index and what conditions would require caution and an awareness of the potential dangerous effects that heat can place on the body while exercising. The chart below shows the relationship of Temperature and Humidity in creating the the Apparent Temperature you could experience. You can read a bit more on the NOAA website at https://www.weather.gov/ama/heatindex.

Strategies to Mitigate the Effects of Heat

The three primary ways to reduce the stress that heat places on our body are, 1. heat acclimatization, 2. proper hydration, and 3. utilizing cooling strategies during your event.

  1. First, heat acclimatization. This works by increasing your body's thermal tolerance and promotes adaptations such as increased plasma volume and sweat rate as well as decreasing the time that it takes for you to begin sweating. Heat acclimatization takes time and you should be cautious during the process, but it is a very effective method of increasing your tolerance to hot weather.
  2. Next is developing an effective hydration strategy. You should be mindful of your sweat rate and how it increases while exercising in hot conditions. A good place to start, is to consume at least one 24 oz bottle of water each hour while you are riding. The support team will be there to ensure that you always have cold water and ice at each of the rest stops along the route. You should also make sure that you begin your ride properly hydrated and that you look to replace lost fluids immediately after completion of your ride.
  3. And lastly, you should utilize effective cooling strategies. First, stay out of the heat/sun as much as possible prior to each day's ride. Next, while hydrating prior to the ride it is a good idea to make sure that what you drink is cold. During your ride, take advantage of shade at the rest stops, fill your bottles with ice, and utilize cooling towels or sponges when possible.

Here is a good article and a couple of informative videos on heat acclimatization and the three strategies highlighted above - Training Your Body to Perform in the HeatHow to Ride Better in the Heat, and if you really want to do a deep dive, Source Endurance - Training in the Heat.

Just remember, the support team is here to ensure your successful completion of the Tour des Trees, so we will be out on the course to make sure you are properly hydrated and to monitor how you are tolerating the effects of the Iowa heat!

As always, If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.

Ride on!

Paul Wood 
Tour Director, Tour des Trees
Phone - (843) 693-8448
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