This monthly newsletter will contain details needed leading up to the 2022 Tour des Trees. We are grateful to you for joining us.
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I Wanna Iowa!

It's time for the Tour des Trees!

We can't wait to see you all in just a few days. Paul, Sam, and Jonathan (along with a little help from Pete and Jeff), had a recon trip of the course just last week and not only is the route beautiful and unexpectedly not flat, but the locations we'll be using for our stops and our engagement events are simply beautiful. Everyone we spoke to is very excited for our riders to be coming through and we hope you are looking forward to meeting some great people as we ride. 

A few reminders:

  • Be sure to check out our Participant Resources page to get addresses, timelines, daily itineraries, and route information. The final itinerary has been posted with all the up-to-date timelines, locations, and mile marks. 
  • In Paul's note below, he has provided information on how to link to the RidewithGPS navigation system you'll need to get yourself from place to place. Please try to download the app and get your information set up ahead of time. 
  • For those that are ending their tour in Nebraska City, remember, you can either ship your bike back from the Lied Lodge (UPS only) or from Des Moines when we return, but be sure to have your shipping label printed ahead of time. If you need your bike box taken to Nebraska City so you can ship or transport your bike home, be sure to let us know when you check in. We'll make sure it's put on the truck.  
  • We have our list of everyone that needs the shuttles to Omaha, the caravan back to Des Moines, or has made their own plans, but if your plans change, please let us know. We'll double check with you when you check-in.
  • If you have not yet joined, be sure to join the Tour des Trees Strava page and Facebook page to stay engaged with other riders.
  • We are currently at about $175,000 raised so far for our fundraising for the year. Great job so far! Remember, the fundraising deadline is September 30 and we'll have a few incentives during the week for those that receive donations while we are on the ride. 
Guest Meal Information:

If you plan on bringing a friend or family member along to one of our meals, that's great! We just need to know ahead of time which meal they will be attending and if they have any dietary restrictions. Please email Jonathan by the end of the month if you will be bringing a guest to one of the meals. Payment for those can be taken on site that day via credit card. $25 for breakfast or lunch, $50 for dinner.

One more welcome!

We have a whole bunch- 31!- of new Tour des Trees riders this year. We have introduced them over the past couple of months, but want to acknowledge them again, as a group, so that our veteran riders can remember these names and welcome them into the family.

Joining us for their first tour are Ian Mostrom, August Hoppe, Jason Kruegel, Kieran Hunt, Sara Zeckel, David Walker, Michelle Lejins, Rich Hendler, Daniel Lambe, Bryan O'Donnell, Matt Spitsen, Emily Ubbelohde, Zach Ubbelohde, Dan Morrow, Jeff Ashelford, Lauren Weyers, Mike Cimprich, Scott Packard, Jon Hicks, Mark Wachendorf, Liz Mathers, Loren Klein, Jordan Webb, Taylor Maroste, Jerry Black, Tony Briggs, Trevor Koolmees, Todd Toom, Kevin Glesener, Matt Van Maanen, and Nibaldo Uzura. 

Virtual Tour des Trees Info:

Those that are participating in the virtual ride option should look for an email around the last week of August with information containing links to our streaming events for virtual participants only. Mark your calendars for these times.

Tuesday, Sept 6. 4:00pm Central
Yoga with Lisa from OneTreeLove

Wednesday, Sept 7. 8:30pm Central
Meditation with Dr. Hallie Dozier

We will also email links to videos during the week so you can experience even more of the tour from your home.
Vaccination reminder

As a reminder, since we will be sleeping and eating in the same spaces, we are asking that all our riders and volunteers in this year's Tour des Trees receive their initial COVID-19 vaccinations before arriving to the tour. If you are not comfortable traveling with your vaccination card and would like to email a photo of it to us for our records, you can email that to Jonathan beforehand. Dependent on local and/or national recommendations at the time, we may ask to see your card when checking in, if we do not have a copy of it. (If you participated in the 2021 TdT, we already have your cards from last year, so you are already set.)

A Note from Paul:

Hello Friends,

I have finalized this year's routes and added all stops, events and known safety precaution notes. If you haven’t already joined the event, here is the link to the Tour des Trees RidewithGPS event page for this year -

This link will take you to the Event Page I have set up within my Black Bear Adventures Tour Operators account. Since I have set up a Tour Operators account, you will be able to take full advantage of all of the mobile features of RidewithGPS so that you can 1) navigate the route efficiently to ensure you stay on course and 2) print whichever maps and cue sheets you would like.

Here is a link to a video that will help walk you through the process of setting up and utilizing a RidewithGPS Tour participant account.

And here is a link to the Tour Participant page, which has lots of other useful tips and further explains how best to use RidewithGPS

If you have already joined the event and are planning on downloading the files to your favorite navigational device, it is safe to do so now. However, when navigating unfamiliar routes, I am a real fan of utilizing the voice navigation features of the RidewithGPS app. My personal set up is my mobile phone connected to my bike via a Quadlock mount and case. I also carry a portable charger since battery life is the primary concern when using your phone for navigation, I’m a fan of Anker products, but there are tons on the market now. I carry this in a top tube bag along with a few snacks. 

I look forward to seeing everyone in Iowa next week!

Paul Wood 

Tour Director, Tour des Trees

email -

Phone - (843) 693-8448

Important Dates:

  • Ride Check-in and Orientation: September 3
  • Riding Days: September 4-9
  • Closing Breakfast and Bike Shipping: September 10
  • Team Fundraising and Matching Gifts Deadline: September 20
  • Fundraising Deadline: September 30
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