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All too often our public service professionals are not

provided with the care they need; peer support being their first line of care.

Now there is Source Blue for first responders. 

Dr. Judah is the founding director of the Source Blue program for first

responders. She works with first responders who have specialized training and are among the first to arrive at an incident or disaster.

Dr. Judah specializes in education and offering healing modalities to alleviate the stress associated with the demands of public service work.

Focus on treatment includes working together to create solutions

that work for self-care during and after stressful emergencies.

Many first responders have found that working with

Dr. Judah has helped them to take better care of themselves so they can be there for their families.

In other words, creating a balanced life.

Dr. Judah offers first responders and their families a sliding scale payment option to further support them in their well being.

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