Updates from The Ridge!!

"Flock-A-Friend" Fundraiser starts THIS MONTH!

PLEASE SEE THIS PACKET for general info and the forms to go ahead and get started. We had an informational Zoom in December, I 'm available to answer others' questions anytime and don't mind to set up an additional Zoom to go over if that's requested. But the packet covers ALOT!!

You now have until JANUARY 24 to sign your family up to work as well as request and earn donations. It is SO MUCH FUN, a safe way to earn funds while only being in close contact with your own family.

The flocking will take place from January through March, giving you many weeks to choose from for your assigned work.

To signup for a week that you will "work the flock" (see Packet), please visit THIS SIGNUP GENIUS LINK.

THESE FUNDS WILL GO DIRECTLY TOWARD ANY YOUTH MISSION TRIP FEES OR RETREAT FEES that you would like to use them for. A great way to for you to get ahead and keep your trips as affordable as possible!
SUNDAY EVENINGS Continue to be a moving target :/

Based on community numbers in regard to the virus and continually updated guidance from Church leadership. We hope to move inside in the not so distant future, but are doing the best with the opportunities we have at the moment. Your flexibility and willingness to roll with what has, at times, become week to week planning at this point, is much appreciated. Please keep an ear out for your REMIND messages on plans for the coming week!

Working this week on activity plans for the next few months and will be excited to post what we come up with on the Youth Website. For now, the dates are behind, but you may still find great benefit in the "Parent Resources" section. Other than flocking, we have some plans to help Greensboro Urban Ministry in a unique way in February and a demo project at Camp Guilrock just around the corner. We very much look forward to some opportunities to offer ourselves in service!

I'll be moving forward with finalizing mission trip opportunities for the summer. Though we can't predict what overall progress against the pandemic will be like at that point, we still feel we need to focus our efforts on pulling a trip (trips) off (domestic, within driving distance) in hopes that we will be clear to.. This is where fundraising now is important and can still be used otherwise if in the worst case the trip cannot be a reality for any of us. As with other planning we will go ahead and put dates to, we will play it by ear as we go.
THANKS SO MUCH for continuing to journey forward with us!

"For He Himself is our peace..." Ephesians 2:14

In Christ,


"The Ridge" Youth | Oak Ridge UMC