May 2021
May is National Moving Month

Sharing a moving moment…….
A few weeks ago, I met with a customer Laurie who had recently lost her husband. Raw with emotions, she had decided to sell their home in New Jersey and relocate to Florida. I could certainly empathize… since I too, was widowed (16 years) and moved from our home filled with memories years ago. Laurie and I chatted for a while, then proceeded with a walk through to inventory what was to be moved. We planned a day for packing and the following day to move into our storage facility until the Florida home was ready. 
Move day arrives and everything is ready to be loaded in the trucks and brought to our warehouse. The crew works for hours loading from the home and into our facility. We place all the belongings into our wooden containerized vaults, which is standard within the moving industry. We needed 10 vaults for Laurie and her family’s belongings. The following morning, we received a frantic call from Laurie that her daughter’s tote bag (which had been left along side items that we were to pack) was missing and it held some of her father’s ashes. With a crew present at the time of the call, we immediately began reopening all the vaults to try to find the bag. It was described as a fancy designer bag. The search began, every box was reopened and everyone that was present in the office at the time (mover’s and office team) were lending a hand in the search to no avail. My Operations Director Dennise had to make the call that we did not locate the bag. Laurie was sad of course and not happy with her daughter.
I hear about all of this as I am walking through the door mid-morning. My team is obviously upset as they are telling me about what has transpired. I walk down the hall to my office when………all of a sudden, I hear a squeal from Christina our move coordinatorI know where it is…………..
with the guys gone for the day, it is up to Christina and Dennise to reopen the vault. They do so, Christina goes to a box and pulls out the tote bag (designer?) that looked like you would take to the grocery store. On top of the tote was crumbled up paper, box of tissues, misc. items and digging deeper was the small urn. The joy on their faces was priceless. Dennise tries to call Laurie but the call goes to voice mail. After a few minutes, I call Laurie from my cell and she answers the phone. I then walked down the hall to the main office with Laurie on speaker. This was not my news to share……..Christina and Dennise shouted out “We Found it” at the same time. Laurie was very grateful, and the tote was delivered back to home base.

Truly a moving moment and a win/win for all. My team showed great empathy and care, which makes me very proud and is the cornerstone of our success.
I recently read a newsletter from Michele Brown, IntuAction coaching where she talks about Emotional Intelligence. Within this article there is a statement that I resonated with……
Why does empathy matter?

Employees of empathetic executives are usually more engaged, and  employees with empathy provide clients the best experience. It’s the piece of the puzzle most organizations are lacking.
Moving Madness…..

The Moving Industry has rebounded just like the housing market since May of 2020. The pandemic brought a lot of mobility, whether it is from the cities to the burbs, pushing up retirement plans or just taking advantage of an insanely strong residential market nationwide. Families that are selling their homes should contact a reputable moving company as soon as they are under contract. 
If you are moving at the beginning or end of the month, look to schedule at least 6 weeks out especially June, July, and August. Our Van line Wheaton World Wide has issued booking restrictions into July already. Which means, they are getting filled to capacity and will not be able to handle any more moves. Supply and Demand and we are very mindful not to overbook.
Feel free to contact me or anyone on my team with any questions/concerns you may have any time. We are happy to help!!!

Best of Everything,
May Is Military Month

Lt Commander John W. Pasichnyk – Helicopter Pilot HSM 75– Stationed in
San Diego, CA - Currently deployed with USS Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Group
Ridgewood Moving Services would like to send a warm THANK YOU to Lt Commander John W. Pasichnyk – Helicopter Pilot HSM 75– Stationed in San Diego, CA - Currently deployed with USS Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Group for servicing our country.  

You are an American Hero! He is the son of Dennise Pasichnyk, our Ridgewood Moving Services Operation Manager.
Urge to Purge... It's Springtime!
Does the warm weather bring you a new felt energy to "let go," declutter, clean, reorganize and revisit setting up your spaces inside and out? It certainly does for me, and I see it in my clients too. We all seem to enjoy the change of season with longer, brighter days seen both with our eyes and felt in our hearts. 

I'm happy to share my Supply List that I send to clients before an organizing session. I check off any boxes on this form for supplies I believe my client and I are going to need before our decluttering session begins. I hope you find it helpful for your residential or home office organizing and productivity. 

Helping Your Clients Prove What They Have Gives You An Unprecedented Edge!
Pinventory is a secure, web-based vault that organizes and stores personal information. Pinventory® Home Inventory focuses on creating a catalog of your home, its contents and critical documents in order to get the most from insurance claims and help resolve family and estate issues. Our companion app allows you to take photos on your phone, input basic information about each one and seamlessly save both to your online account after clicking “save.” You can access your information from anywhere, anytime and share it with whoever you want. With the increase in climate-related disasters and the unfortunate reality that accidents can occur any time, such a product is more imperative than ever.
Carol R. Kaufman
Horizon Landscape Company
Horizon Landscape has been serving Northern, New Jersey for over 45 years delivering unparalleled quality in landscape design & construction, landscape lighting, lawn maintenance, lawn & ornamental care, irrigation systems, drainage solutions, and commercial snow & ice management. Whether you are considering a new pool, outdoor kitchen, patio or planting, Horizon’s design team will help you achieve the vision for your property. Through our management team’s 140+ years of combined experience to our trained craftsmen in the field, you are ensured a lifetime of picture-perfect outdoor living.
Making Empathy Central to Your Company Culture
“Empathic workplaces tend to enjoy stronger collaboration, less stress, and greater morale, and their employees bounce back more quickly from difficult moments such as layoffs.” Jamil Zaki, Stanford University Psychology Professor and author of The War For Kindness: Building Empathy in a Fractured World.

For more tips on how to incorporate empathy in your company culture read Jamil’s Harvard Business Review Article:
Memorial Day Recipe
Grilled Brussels Sprouts

If you thought brussels sprouts couldn't get any better, wait until you throw them on the grill. Follow the instructions on the link below!

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Ridgewood Moving Services is more than just a moving company, we are a total resource for all of your moving needs. Our goal is to provide useful guidance at every stage of the moving process.