Sounding The Alarm Over Extreme
Cost Increases Of Energy In New Jersey
A story out by New Jersey Spotlight looks at how the NJ BPU is refusing to acknowledge the overwhelming costs as concerns continue to mount over not only the lack of transparency in the process, but the expensive burden that is coming for families and businesses in New Jersey.
Affordable Energy for New Jersey has projected the total cost of the plan and its policies could run up to $525 billion, or $52,500 per person over the life of the program.
As cost estimates continue to be released, it becomes harder for the NJ BPU to continue to hide the true costs of their plans. It is difficult to say the cost of inaction is greater, when you refuse to release the costs of action.

A Troubling Revelation
Revealed within this report is a troubling revelation that the Office of the Ratepayer Advocate, the very group of individuals tasked with raising concerns and fighting against gratuitous energy increases, continues to abdicate their responsibility and say we have no choice but to take actions even though we have no idea of the costs.

This is extremely troubling when an alternative path that includes natural gas will provide greater reliability and significantly reduce costs to all ratepayers.
Transparency Update: Over 568 days now
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