October 2020
For 2020, the Virtual AAPEX Experience will serve as the hub of training and connections for the automotive aftermarket.

It’s where service and repair professionals and shop owners can access dozens of FREE training sessions—many of which are accredited and all of which are led by elite technicians—on key trends like ADAS, diagnostics, and alternative fuel and electric vehicles and essential topics like social media engagement, business culture, and leadership strategies.

And it’s where attendees can connect for one-on-one meetings to talk products and capabilities with suppliers and other industry sponsors.
Tell your legislator to fix the Paycheck Protection Program!

We've heard two concerns with respect to the Paycheck Protection Program: 1) delays in getting PPP loans forgiven, and 2) inconsistencies in the tax treatment of PPP-qualifying business expenses which, as you know, could leave members with a significant and unforeseen tax liability.

Please take five minutes to let your member of Congress know that they need to act to address these concerns! Click the link below to take you to a template email which will be sent through the Auto Care Advocacy page to your legislators.
Support Right to Repair in Mass.

Vehicle manufacturers are increasingly restricting access to car information. This means car owners are steered toward more expensive dealer repair options.

Massachusetts voters voted 86% in 2012 to require car companies to make available repair information and diagnostics. But now big auto is using the next generation of wireless technology to get around the law.

Regardless of where you live, this question could have serious ramifications. Call your friends, family, distant cousins and old bosses to urge them to vote yes on 1!
Become the 2021 Technician of the Year.

Think you have what it takes to be the 2021 Tech of the Year? Check out this video about the program from our 2020 Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper winner, Mark Calzia of M.C. Tire and Automotive, Inc. in Moline, Ill.
Win a trip to the nation's capital.

Buy parts from your Auto Value or Bumper to Bumper parts supplier. Be entered for a chance to win the trip of a lifetime to Washington, D.C. It really is that simple. There's still a few months to enter the sweepstakes. Don't miss your chance!
Auto Value CSC Wins ACE Award.

Dykstra's Auto, a collection of Auto Value shops in western Michigan, won the 2020 Auto Care Association Career and Education Award winner. Congratulations, Dykstra's, on excellence in education!
Bumper to Bumper CSC Wins Top Shop.

Shout out to Waukegan Tire, which was recently named Tire Review's 2020 Top Shop. This three-location Chicagoland area operation has been a finalist for the award four times.
Bumper to Bumper Shop Profile

Amid a global pandemic, uncertain economy, and constantly-changing environment, this Certified Service Center is still growing! Learn more about Topel's Service Center in their recent profile.
Shop Best Practices During COVID

The country continues to open back up - but with precautious. Follow these steps to ensure your business can continue operating, while also protecting potential customers and your employees.
VIDEO: Why Winners Won't Wait

Winners don't have time to procrastinate. They follow three steps to get the job done.
• Don’t wait for success – Go Get It.
• Face Your Challenges Head On
• Go All In
CSC Feature Named a Top 20 Tools+

MechanicNet, a CSC program element, is a cloud-based CRM/Outbound marketing service designed to increase bay traffic, boost the average repair order, and strengthen customer satisfaction/loyalty.
Consumers evaluate repair outlets across four performance factors

How important is technical ability to consumers? What about convenience? Do they prefer the lowest price or the fairest price? Get the lowdown on consumers.
California to phase out gasoline-powered cars

Governor's executive order states that new cars and passenger trucks sold in California will be zero-emission vehicles by 2035.
POP QUIZ: A manual transmission slips out of third gear. This is most likely caused by:
A.) Worn Bushings
B.) High Fluid Pressure
C.) A Weak Detent Spring
D.) A Worn Shifter Bushing