January 2021
Happy New Year!

We're optimistic about our bays being full and the COVID-19 vaccinations in 2021. For more information about vaccination plans in each state, click here.
$25,000 in scholarships.
Nothing says Happy 2021 like a $1,000 college scholarship for you or your child. It's not too early to get started with the application. Visit automotivescholarships.com for details on qualifications and requirements.
$250 in reimbursements.

Time is running out to claim your $250 in ASE reimbursements. Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper will give up to $250 to all shops who submit proof of passing scores by February 15, 2021. Visit
Join the largest network of high quality shops.

Every month, more than 5 million people visit RepairPal.com, the #1 auto repair website, and most of them are sent to RepairPal Certified Shops. Learn about the exclusive offer RepairPal has for CSCs here.
One service visit is not enough to fall in love.

Sure, your current customers love you... that's why they keep coming back. But what about those new customers who have never been to your shop before? What's your strategy to make sure they come back? MechanicNet has some advice.
Consumers care what your other customers say about you.

Consumers are increasingly using the internet to find local businesses, and, particularly in automotive, online reviews matter. The industries in which consumers are most likely to have read reviews include restaurants, hotels, medical, automotive, and clothing stores.
Sign up before the end of February and receive 50% off the KUKUI Pro Package for the first 6 months!

Kukui is offering an EXCLUSIVE deal to Certified Service Centers. Click here to learn more about the deal or to get started. Click here to hear from a shop owner about how Kukui has helped grow their store's business.
What do you need to do to keep your best customers?

Auto Value Certified Service Center owner Bill Nalu shares advice on keeping not just any customer, but your best customer.
"Remember, as a shop owner, it is up to you to define who your 'best' customer is," Nalu said. Click to read the full story.
What are the biggest challenges and opportunities in the tire industry?

Bumper to Bumper Certified Service Center owner Kam Butcher explains how technology could be a positive or a negative in the next decade of tire sales. Click to listen to Butcher's take on industry trends.
Cars are the best PPE.

A majority of Americans are viewing their cars as an escape and a safer mode of transportation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a recent survey. Sixty-nine percent of survey respondents reported that they plan to drive more after the pandemic ends rather than using public transportation.
New MA law means a win

"Here we are in 2020 and the platform for telematics is being used for repairs and every day reports," Bumper to Bumper customer Glenn Wilder of Wilder Brother Tires told Next City last year. "It leaves independent repairers at a disadvantage to not be in that loop." The new law puts independent repairers in that loop.
SBA extends EIDL application deadline

Missed the 2020 deadline for an Economic Injury Disaster Loan? Don't worry, the U.S. Small Business Administration has extended the program through next year, pending availability.
Get your PPP Loan forgiven

If you received a Paycheck Protection Program loan and haven't yet gotten it forgiven, you may still be eligible. The SBA has also been authorized to guarantee additional second draw loans.
The ultimate technician pay guide

Half of all entry level techs leave their jobs within the first one to two years, and some reports are showing that by 2026, the industry will be more than 46,000 technicians short. If you find yourself short on techs, check out the ultimate pay guide.
What millennial hires want

It's been projected that by 2020, half of the workforce is millennial. As you look for your next great employee, realize it might not be that seasoned tech from the shop across town that you've had on your eye on - it might be a millennial. And that's OK.
POP QUIZ: A vehicle has a steady pull to the left. All of these will cause this condition EXCEPT:
A.) The caster angle
B.) Low tire pressure
C.) The camber angle
D.) Steering U-joint coupling