May 2020
Taking care of your Mental Health is so important.
This week (May 04-10) is Mental Health Week.
This is a week to bring more awareness to our mental health.
So, the entire month of May
we want to hear from you!

Connection is more important than ever right now. We want to hear your stories, your challenges, your wins, your trials, and who supports you as you navigate these times.
Take care of your Mental Health by sharing with others how you're really doing! See poster below for details.
Please follow this link and fill out this 1 min survey. This will help us in building resources that are helpful to you and your family. AND you will be entered to win a $25.00 gift certificate from Edible Life

With all the pressures on families these days, we all need as much help and support as we can get: Myka Breyman and Allyson Van Impe made these inspiring infographics to help you out!
Right from the Start is a Mental Health Capacity Building Program. We are a team of Success Coaches at Banff Elementary School, Lawrence Grassi Middle School, Alpenglow School and Elizabeth Rummel School. We offer universal mental health education and support to all children, teachers and families. For more on our program and to see what we do visit our Website Information page or connect with us on Facebook , Instagram , or Twitter.

Right from the Start | 403-678-6192 |
For inquires contact Mary Weighell
RFTS Program Manager